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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It is dusk (this winter)
When the sun 'stonished at my Lord's splendour
Hides himself in night's shelter.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where are You?

Where are You, my sweet Lord?
Did i lose You somewhere in those beautiful dreams...
Or, somewhere else in life's complicated realms?
Did You hide Yourself when i got so used to Your intoxication...
And, along with You, steal my poor imagination?

Where are You, dear Lord?
Did You think i will be fine on my own?
Is that why You turned this heart to stone..
But, now that i do shamefully atone-
Would You accept if i said i want You alone??

Where are You, my Krishna?
You steer me through the path of life,
Every moment, i feel Your guidance by the side;
And yet, this heart is in great strife-
For it longs for its lover's sight!

Will You come back, my Lord?
Though this slave be undeserving,
Though, in service, i have been slacking,
Though i have committed  a disservice horrifying,
Would You take me back and fill this life with meaning?

This slave surrendered unto You,
Beseeches a chance anew-
All the errors and apologies in lieu,
Please accept a heart that pines for You!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Food for thought

"Take up the hint : no more can i say
He is in every way a noble friend,
worthy of your adoration and dearer
to you than your life..."

I read these beautiful lines right now here. 
They had such a phenomenal effect on me. They are an excerpt from Sri Thulsidas' letter to Mirabai when she wrote to him, complaining about her non-cooperative in-laws.

"Who knows? Krishna has His own plans for me and all I need to do is surrender to His will!"

I came across these lines on a blog where I am a regular reader.

Just a couple of lines that inspired me.
And a couple of pictures that captivated me.
Hope you enjoy it! :D 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Disjointed Chords

When i cannot see my Lord's beautiful face,
Where do i for my empty heart find solace?
When away from the one who my insignificant heart also stole:
My heart that greives for my lover: how will i console?

I try singing a song:
But all i end up with are disjointed chords!
I try (in prayer) to fold my hands-
But find my tears wetting the sands!

Where are those blissful dreams?
Where are those moments with my Lord love-sealed?
i beg of You (O Madhava!) to take me back
For, at this moment, my life does all meaning lack!

Love, they say, appreciates closeness in miles-
But, in reverse, my woes do pile!
So close, yet so far apart drawn-
Here, alone, feeling like a lost fawn!

When my mind in circles like this does run-
Where are You, My dear Thief, hidden-having fun?
Come, let me drink the nectar of Your presence once again-
Please do not let my pleas go in vain!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Rainbow

It's been so long since i wrote for You, my Lord.
It's been so long since i did anything significant for You.
Needless to say, i find myself in a very insignificant place

Today, on my usual, everyday bus route, i found myself staring out of the window.
The weather outside reflected the state of my mind.
Even as torrents of rain poured outside, traitor tears lined my eyes.
i could not help it, i was thinking about how much i missed You!
Add to this the beautiful clouds aping Your colour, and i felt more miserable with myself than ever.

At that time, the girl sitting next to me tapped my hand. She woke me out of my reverie, and pointed out the window.
Sure enough, a beautiful bow now adorned the sky.
Soon, everyone was turning their heads in the direction of nature's ornament.

For those few moments, every single person-from the oldest professor to the haughtiest girl-became a child.
And just as a child jumps in joy, our eyes rejoiced the simple beauty of nature.

How Mother Earth could turn us into kids in Her lap once again, by exhibiting the littlest of Her wonders!

And, at that time, i realised that YOU are the RAINBOW of my life!
To see Your handsome face, i will even shed torrents of tears, if that is what you demand.

To listen in rapt attention even as Your beautiful red lips framed pearls of poetry, i wouldn't mind many thunderstorms.

To stroke Your toes with my finger-tips, to revel in Your presence, to see my insides knotting themselves, to but be in Your presence-Oh! what wouldn't i give!

To see Your beautiful eyes dancing about like the lightning among the clouds-my poor eyes will suffer the insufferable drought with anticipation of that moment.

O my Dear Lover, YOU ARE MY RAINBOW!
My mind secretly yearns for You even when i do not acknowledge it.
And, when it catches but one glance of You, my eyes dance about wildly, and my heart prances, reaches a crazy stupor and surrenders itself unto You.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Govinda!

Dear Lord,
Today, i find myself incapable of poetry even.
So, here's wishing You a very Happy Birthday!
Many many happy returns of the day!!

Virtually away from your party, i submit these virtual wishes at Your feet, in the hope that You will accept them!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Will Krishna Wipe my Tears?

Who but the gardener
To caress the flowers lest they wither?
Who but You, Parthasarathy, my Lord
Who but You have i got?

Who but the lover
To guide the heart that does falter
Whose help but Yours do i seek-
Even as tears run down my cheek?

What is the meaning of Your smile
If talking to the wind is all the respite i find?
What was the purpourt of Your beautiful glances-
When now, my mind, in this circus dances?

Whose shoulder do i lean on-
Whom do i have to trust?
When the Lord the world trusts
Seems to have abandoned me like a lone fawn!

When my mind thus laments in anxiety
Do u enjoy in invisible proximity?
Why is my heart like a mirror shattered?
O Krishna! Despite being by Your Lotus Feet sheltered??

O Lord Who became a charioteer
All to bring to a friend great cheer:
Will You not this slave steer
Away from seperation that she fears?

O Lord who lifted the Govardhan Hill,
Why do You my dreams kill?
If not for You, this heart will go still:
Come, with Your essence, this lowly life fill!!

O Great Speaker of the Bhagavad Gita!
When again will You tempt me with Your thrilling words?
When again will Your love leave me searching for words?
When again will You bestow Your association for which i long?
When again will You entertain this saddened heart with Your Love Song?

Test me not in testing waters,
Throw me not into waning litters!
Stay with me O Janardhana!
Keep me Yours forever O Krishna!

When You refuse to see this slave,
Why should she this lowly life save?
Leave me not of Your love bereft
Kill me with Your beautiful arms lest!

Whatever direction this life may take-
O Parthasarathy! This heart beats for Your sake!
Abandon not a surrendered slave:
Whatever be Your anger, forgo it for my sake!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Narasimha,

Your eyes burn the sinners to flames:
A bond of love is ignited Your devotees heart by the same!

Your ferocious fingers digged into Hiranyakashipu's insides:
Yet, they, with love and compassion, Your devotees invite!

 You kill the enemy with Your anger!
But, for your devotees, unleash a smiling dagger!

In those who rule by fear, you ignite fear:
And yet, those who surrender at Your feet lose all fear!

You behold a face so ferocious:
But for the devotee: features so gorgeous!

You tore down a pillar to inspire in the feared fear:
And to the same handsome torso, hold a devotee near!

O Lord Who protected Prahlad's tongue:
To sing your praises too meak is this slave's tongue!
Yet, no other pleasure this girl has,
Than to sing the praises of the Lord with His hands on His lap!

Your fingers killed an evil demon so terrible
For a son whom You invited with the same fingers so lovable!
Will you please let me decorate (with mehendi) those nails so long?
Will You not bestow upon me that pleasure for which i long?

Your Holy Feet with long, curved nails at the helm:
Protect the person who takes refuge at them.
Will you please let me decorate (with mehendi)  those nails so long?
Will You please bestow upon me that pleasure for which i long?

-Dedicated to Azhagiya Singar of Thiruvallikeni

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Father-Daughter Song

What is "magic"?
The word is a trick in itself.
Is it an exhibition of the impossible by using little props?
Or, is it that which leaves your heart yearning for more?
Can it be defined by the little tricks the street magician performs to earn his bread?
Or, is it everything that is inexplicably wonderful?

Magic is, in my humble opinion, what we cannot explain.
It is what our five senses fail to comprehend.
And, it is only when our senses fail that we look deep inside our hearts.

Sorry for the long lecture. I am never good at them.
Anyways, since you were kind and patient enough to read my little philosophy, i am going to cut the intro short and jump to the matter.

Parents are atop the list of those whom we take for granted.
When we are kids, they spray baby cereal on their prized shirts to feed us.
When we are adoloscents, they listen patiently to all our tantrums.
i am not aware of what happens next, (as both my physical and mental capabilities are that of a barely-so-adult), but the most important thing is they dedicate their lives unto you.
So, how much ever you  fight with them, whatever be your differences, you are still bound by a invisible, intangible (magical?) bond.

My father always sings for me.
He has sung for me ever since God brought me to Earth, and he continues to do so.
And, in Radio Dad, the Listener's Choice from my side has been this Tamil song called "Kanne Kalaimaane" from the movie "Moondraam Pirai".

It is this beautiful melody, which always brings a yawn on my mouth.
How much ever i try, i can never disprove my dad that this song is my own magical sleeping pill.
i am snoring before the song is over!

It's a beautiful love song, the second stanza of which  i have roughly translated:
(Context of the actual song: the protagonist falls in love with a mentally retarded girl. He falls hook, line and sinker for her, and cannot help it himself.)

kannae kalaimaanae kanni mayilenak
kandaen unai naanae
In these lines, the protagonist praises his beloved. "Kanne" means eyes, but also it is a sweet form of calling one's beloved. "Kalaimaane" is a kind of deer and "Mayil: refers to a peacock.

andhip pagal unai naan paarkkiraen
I see you day and night
aandavanai idhaiththaan kaetkiraen
I ask of God nothing else!
raariraaroa oaraariroa
raariraaroa oaraariroa



kaadhal kondaen
My heart began to love you
kanavinai valarththaen
It flourished incessantly in my dreams!
kanmani unai naan karuththinnil niraiththaen
O The Apple of My Eyes! i filled my thoughts with You!
unakkae uyiraanaen
My life is now yours!
ennaalum enai nee maravaadhae
Please, never ever forget me!
neeyillaamal edhu nimmadhi
Without you, there is no peace!
needhaanae en sannidhi
You are my sannidhi! (sannidhi refers to the holy sanctum sanctorum)

While most songs that i hear DO get dedicated to my Lord Krishna, this particular song never occured in that list.
It's always been my Dad's song.
But, today, as my dad sung for me in his soothing voice, the words in the second stanza dedicated themselves to His feet.

So, to conclude, what IS magical in this world is "LOVE".
How, we are bound to each other by that Universal Affection.
How, our relationship with Parthasarathy is also defined by that very word.
What is indeed magical is how the Ruler of the Universe sways to little expressions of Love!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

One in a Thousand

O Krishna!
There may be lakhs of ants in all,
But very few do on Your beautiful creatures crawl.
There may be crores of flowers to Mother earth born:
But oh! only a few do Your handsome looks adorn!
There may be uncountable atoms of gold worn by men:
Only a select many are made into Your jewels even then!
There may be infinite lengths of thread woven:
But to tailor Your garments, only a few get chosen.
There may be many a hundred destination in Your Creation:
Each may have its flavours and each its own temptation
But dear Parthasarathy!
Allow me to find in Your Lotus Feet shelter with sheer dedication!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morning Miracle

Dear Friends,
A recent story in "All About Krishna" that i posted.
You can read it here: A Miracle of His

Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Eyes Turned Away!

O Lord!

i am but Your meagre slave,
And, i have no respite You save:
Let me not wither in the wilderness!
Let me not be alone to despair and madness!

Your eyes steal every heart they rest upon:
Then why to rest on me they take so long?
Your powerful finger that lifted the hill:
When will they rest on mine and my mind's void fill?

Whether You hold me close to Your broad chest,
Or leave me lost like a child in a fest-
Whether You by Your smile my senses astound-
Or wring this heart by Your punishing frown:
i have none but You, my Lord!

O Lord who blessed a friend who wanted a handful of rice
To be more than Kubera richer thrice-
O Heartthrob who stole away the Gopis' garments
Will You not steal this slave from Your imposed torments?

i have no voice to fight
Coz i have believed You are always right!
If i be wrong forgive me and take me;
If this is some game, lost to You let me be!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keep me Yours!

When Your procession passes my threshold:
With awe Your majesty i behold!
And then, when me in Your beautiful smile You hold,
You have me frozen at that very threshold!

O Lion-Faced Lord! How great a gift:
That washing the streets on which You tread is a way to live!
How do i thank You for the kindness You bestow?
How do i describe the seed of longing You have sowed?

To be lost in Your glance every morning, Dear Parthasarathy,
To beget the smile at the corner of Your beautiful lips hiding;
To drink the nectar that touched Your feet:
Oh! Oh! Oh! What else is there to seek?

Oh Dear Lord! Forever keep me Your slave,
Forgive me when guilty and naive:
Dearest Lord of my Heart! i love You so-
Keep me Yours, i ask You no more!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ratha Yathra for my ParthaSarathy! (Thiruther)

[P.S: If this post tends to be very boring in the introduction part, feel free to skip to the green text. There is the actual description of the ratha :) ]
The morning dawned with determination to get up early. You see, Parthasarathy was technically up from 02:30 in the morning preparing for the Ther (Ratha).
But lazy, confused and caught up as i had been, it was a late 05:30 that i pulled myself out of my bed.
i was in such a horrible mood, i thought i would save PSP the misfortune of staring into my sullen face by not going.
This was something that would usually have me excited, but all i could do was pull a long face. My head was already aching so hard, as though a bullet was hiding inside.
But, i did force myself into His presence.

i haven't been to many ther festivals. i remember one as a kid, and one i went to last year, both in my native place of Thenthiruperai.
These thoughts, and the sound of the autorikshaw combined to churn out some sloshy weight in my head. Add to this my mom complaining over my rather ordinary choice of dress for such an extraordinary event (i was in no mood to celebrate), my eyes begged me to let them cry. Somehow, i was not exactly jubiliant or excited. i did not expect PSP to even look at me. i was convinced He would act like a piece of stone when i got to see Him (that is the thing that hurts me the most, when i cannot read anything on His face).

And, then my eyes wanted to cry all the more. But, for a different season. He loomed into my sorry eyes, ever so majestic, ever so breathtaking. The ther (ratha) had been done up in a red canopy. The red canopy was like  a makeshift roof, shielding Him from the sun. On all sides of the ther were horses, beautifully painted for the occasion, His guards, with their feet on the heads of asuras, and surrounding His ther were hundreds of people.
His ther was pulled by frenzied devotees. Their cries of "Govinda Gopala" were too infectious. They resounded in my ears which were feasting eagerly on their excitement, on that maddened devotion. In front walked the great learned people, singing the beautiful hymns of the Prabandham, even as those words filled my brain, and cleansed it of all its worries.
i felt dazed, dazzled even. The majesty of the whole thing was too much for my rattled brain.
But, all this i noticed later. What i noticed first was my dear Lord, my dear ParthaSarathy, seated beautifully within the ther. With Sridevi and Bhoomidevi on each side, He looked so breathtakingly majestic. ParthaSarathy- the Ruler.
But, more amazing to me was ParthaSarathy, the Driver.
Yes, how will PSP not drive?
Isn't He the one who drove Arjuna in the battlefield?
Isn't He the one who drives us through the battlefield called life?
Doesn't He drive our hearts to His feet?
While inside stood ParthaSarathy, dearest Lord; outside sat ParthaSarathy, my Lord.
There, He sat- His right leg folded in, His left angled out, almost as He were relaxing, and His left hand resting, almost carelessly, on His left knee. In His right hand was a red whip. His face exuded so much charm, i was dazzled. His moustache framed the most beautiful smile.
And, in His left hand, He held the reins of four white horses.
When i first saw Him like this, i was thrown back by surprise.
This particular form of His had enchanted me so much.
As is usual to work on polish, paint, etc., this particular idol of His had been placed in front of the Aandal sannathi inside the temple for the past one month.
i usually have a habit of telling PSP that He must not stand too long, that He should have been sitting instead of standing. i used to tell Him to do that, atleast for the sake of Rukmini Thaayar. So, as i saw Him sitting, i was totally enchanted. 
i remember the pressing impulse i had to steal Him from the temple and place Him at home. (i hope they dont arrest me for this confession) The thought seriously crossed my mind. :)
And His left hand- it was folded, so as to hold something. It was the most intriguing, inviting. So many times, when i was sure no one was watching in the temple, i would place my index finger within His thumb and fingers curled together. 
One evening, i had even secretly placed my index finger to my lips, and passed on a secret kiss. i still remember not washing my hands the whole night, even as it had turned a certain red colour after touching His palms.
He was present as Parthasarathy times two.
So, as i saw Him there, as the ruler, and also as the one driving, it left me amazed, spellbound.
He is the ruler who ruled the Universe, and yet, He is also the bhaktavatsala, forever there for His devotees, ready to do anything for them. Even pick up the dusty reins of the horse, and do the littlest of jobs. Even sit braving the Sun, at the helm of the vehicle, while Partha sat inside.
He is the puppeteer, who holds our reins, like He held those horses.
My joy knew no bounds. The whole atmosphere tugged at my heart. He was chiding me for ever wishing to stay back, in His own unique, sweet way.
The shouts of "Govinda Gopala had now reached a new high. The women were drawing large kolams to welcome Him. i made a mental note to improve my rather poor, and awfully basic skills in this department.
But, the most lasting memory was standing in front of those singing the Prabandham hymns. The jeeyar was there, leading a group of atleast 50 devotees singing. My hairs stood on one end, as they sang the Alwar's loving verses in their unique rhythm. i stood quite close, just in front of them, my hands folded, my senses lost to words, which magically found meaning in my head, by His grace. It was the most filling, satisfying memory of the day. As they were going to move away, they started next with the hymns. My mom smiled at me, an all-knowing smile. i didn't realize it then, but a couple of words floating in my ears told me it was sung on Thirumaaliruncholai (Azhagar, Madurai). i have a lot of fond memories of Azhagar, and it was too much of a coincidence.

Everywhere you turned, you could see devotees mesmerized by Him. Their involvement was infectious. It got into you. It inspired you to keep looking at Him. Maybe, this is how Vaikuntha is supposed to look.
Meanwhile, my mom left me with a family friend, a dear akka, as she had some work.
Now this dear family friend hadn't yet realized i was no longer a kid, and insisted on holding my hands (!!!!)
But, the way she held my hand reminded me of PSP, that i told myself not to complain. :)
i forgot to mention, we were not allowed to "pull" the ther. We, being the fairer sex.
The "vadam" was an iron chain, which would bruise our manicured hands.
So, that fun was not for us.
A lot of thoughts ran through my head- of the longest airports in the world (i have been in two of the top three), and a rather heavy handbaggage.
Of busy, crowded railway stations, and a supposedly light bag in my hand.
Of a sweaty tennis racquet, anticipating the next razor sharp ball.
Of the sprain i usually got after hours of throwball practice. Of my red fingers after a match.
Of how my fingers ached after playing the piano in fortissimo (hard playing).
All these things had bruised my hand. All these things had reddened my hands so evidently.
All these mundane things had been allowed to bruise my hands. And i wouldn't have minded it a least bit even if my hands sprained themselves in the effort. In His effort. But, i kept these thoughts to myself.
 Also, it had been raining quite a bit in Chennai. The ground was quite sloppy, and wet sand was everywhere. My feet looked like they had been smeared with mehendi. But, the devotees even overlooked that litle problem.

At around 08:30 in the morning, the ratha came to a standstill. To watch this, we had caught the best place, and watched, as the majestic vehicle finally came to a standstill. Almost everyone was screaming His name. A huge round of applause went through the crowd. i responded with tears in my eyes. My morning had swung like a pendulum. These people, clapping joyously, didn't know how much they had helped.
And, when the bhattacharya took the aarti, as the flames of fire danced in front of Him, my heart threatened to jump out of my mouth. 
If i had stayed back, i would have missed this magical, out-of-the-world experience. 
But, He is most kind. He knew of my stupid reason for staying back. i hadn't wanted Him to have a sulker in His joyous crowd. But, He had pulled me along, and made me dance to His joyous tunes. Every devotee out there was dancing to His tunes. 
Sorry about the long post. The little details may have been a bit on the personal side, and not exactly a description, but this is the least i could do in terms of sharing what i had experienced. Forgive me, for glossing over the details by filling them in with what i was thinking. In all, if u can capture in your hearts the magic of PSP, i will be glad. The photos, i will upload within the next couple of days.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seas and Skies

O ParthaSarathy!

Miles away from Your familiar threshold,
I now a Golden Desert behold!
Riches richer than richness itself it may hold,
But o! My heart is caught in pain multifold!

For, i have not begotten Your beautiful smile,
The heat of seperation does my senses deride,
And when i think i am not by Your side,
My mind is amidst a painful ride.

But when sorrows cloud this heart,
When problems force to tear it apart;
When all hope seems to be lost-
Then, there is none but You- o Lord!

For then i looked up at the sky infinite,
And o! Your complexion drenched my sight!
O Cloud-Complexioned Krishna! Hiding amidst those clouds-
You were sending down raindrops so loud!

Monday, April 4, 2011

His Flowers

Yesterday, the sun shone scarlet in the sky,
So beautiful just on the threshold of the coming night;
The sun had lit up the sky in a devotional gesture:
As my Lord ParthaSarathy glided in grandeur!

His eyes shone like two little suns
Their rays breaking where those scars run;
His smile drenched His face with serenity:
Driving me into new levels of insanity.

As He smiled His killer smile,
He tore all my petty inhibitions asunder;
And left me gazing in wonder-
That sweet-smiling trickster, the One to whom i am surrendered!

And as in my hair flowers i donned,
The ones that His feet had adorned:
O! O! O! My heart went into a flutter-
Beating hard and fast for that Sweet Charmer!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lost in this eerie wilderness,
Caught in the worst of mind's duress;
Oh! i am lost in this horrid place my lover-less,
Why don't you come to relieve my stress?

Why will You not talk?
(O My Honey-lipped Lord!)
Why have You turned Your face away
O Dearest! Don't my tears Your heart sway?

Do You think i can manage alone?
Do You think i'll believe You are stone?
Or, are You exasperated by my monotone-
And left me for my sins to atone?

Oh! Even if i must atone, (O Lion-Faced Lord)
How will i possibly survive alone?
i love You, i am surrendered unto You
Never, ever bid me adieu!

If i have been frivolous, forgive me,
If mistakes are mine, have mercy on me;
This heart cannot beat in Your absence-
O! O! Never may i be anywhere but Your presence.

You took away our symbol of love,
And, left me completely bereft now;
All my mind churns out is tears
Calling desperately, that dear PSP! You be near!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oscar Wilde's Non-Selfish Giant

i just wrote my English board exam.
i shouldnt be here as i have a rather imporant and daunting subject called Physics lined up next for me.
But, today....
i wrote an essay about my dear Krishna.
i wrote an essay about Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant", but if you read it here, you will know what i meant.

And since my mind keeps wandering back to the wonderful experience that Wilde must have had when he wrote this, the spell-binding effect it had on me when i was paraphrasing his ideas...

What my version of Wilde's giant would have told the little boy Krishna...

You look like any other boy-
Yet, You have played with my heart like a toy!
You look like any other little boy-
But, i guess this whole thing was Your ploy!

You stand so majestic, teasing my senses,
Your eyes in a smile so exquisite, perplexing my tenses,
Your hands on Your hips, You pretend You are a kid small-
But, oh! Now, i see we are Your kids all!

The hands with which You drive us puppets,
Oh! You flung them about me in a loving caress!
That day, You planted a kiss upon my undeserving cheek-
And, ever since, nothing else could i seek!

O my dear little boy! 
How i have longed to play with You!
Playing, dancing, cheering- o! with these ideas i have toyed!
O! Did i know i was Your toy?

These flowers sprung up when they touched Your feet-
Seeing You, my heart was awoken from its evil sleep-
Today, this heart that loves You has in front of You kneeled
Begging Your mercy, Hoping You won't again fleet!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dancing to ParthaSarathy's Tunes

My mind dances to His tunes-
That dark-complexioned boy who enamours with His divine tunes;
My mind dances to His tunes-
The Lord of Triplicane, the Lors of my Heart!

My eyes danced in excitement-
When they sighted His beautiful face resplendent!
My mind danced in childish fervour-
When it at His feet found shelter!

My heart now sings a song of grief,
For He has of it's dreams taken leave!
And now, when He is said to look so wonderful,
This heartaway, and in confusion palpable!

i dance to the tunes of my Lord,
Whose hands of my mind's ratha holds the cord:
O Lord in Control! Steer this rusty chariot to victory:
And in victory also, may it find Thee!

With all earthly forces undone,
i am prostrated at the Feet of my Lord who has me stunned;
This poor slave, do not shun:
i am in a race: along with me run!

The nectar of Your sight, today i missed!
But i am caught in deep waters betwixt-
Save me dear Lord! from falling into an abyss-
At Your service, and in Your love, may i forever find bliss!

Monday, February 7, 2011

In the Chemistry Lab

Concentrated acids of every kind around me...
The clock on the wall ticking...
And, me, in a flurry, to get my Board Practicals right...

This is the stuff that i usually get right, but am too tensed up...
Your name on my lips, more out of fear, than devotion....

And add to it that my burette chooses to leak,
And the solution choses to beat the pipette and get into my mouth...
And, my salt, a mystery to solve, to give a name, seems like an enigma, and me like Sherlock Holmes trying to investigate it....

Usually i am a "good" Sherlock Holmes, but things went awry...
And who would i blame?
You, ofcourse!
Coz, You were the only person i knew, and trusted in that whole room...
So, i

First, my seat number got me...
it was 9!!
Why wasnt it 8??
8 is special about You!
Why did u "rig" the seating arrangement to make sure i didnt get Your number???

i was insane! And, who better than You to blame in insane moments??

So, i say: If i get this titration right, You are with me(!!!!!)
And, i do it...
i get a reading, but am not so sure...
Usually i am, but i had gotten everything wrong so far today....
i stand before the examiner, and blurt out my value, half-hoping her verbal assault at my appalling error....
Instead she says- Ya, perfect!!!!

How stupid!
i am stumped!
By Your love, by Your greatness in bearing with my stupidity!

And, then, i remember...
You are the "9th" of the Dasavathara, dearest Krishna...
In a not-so-noticeable way, i DID get Your number!!!
How stupid again!
Do you deal with headcases like me all the time?
Blaming You when You are the very support?
Cussing at You only because You are there?
Expecting help always from You, even if it's not perhaps right???

i dunno, my Lord, but i love You!
More so, coz u were an amazing chemistry-lab-nerve-soother today!
Actually, more than that!
You were my everything in the chem lab today.
And, You are everything in the lab of life

Saturday, January 15, 2011

i Miss You

i miss Your eyes like bright suns wide,
i miss how those killer glances draw me inside!
i miss the beauty of that black gem,
Lying in the middle of a white realm!

i miss that cute, manly moustache,
Which by its handsome shape, me into daydreams dispatch!
i miss that never-ending smile, seemingly moustache crowned,
Like the gopuram over the sanctum sanctorum!

i miss Your warm caress,
i miss yearning to see Your curly tresses,
When again lost i will be in Your lovely embrace?
When again will this heart in Your presence find solace?

Mistakes have been mine,
But, apologies, O Achyuta! do not deny:
In Your absence, this heart is a wetland dry,
It will regain life only when You in it recline!

Count not errors far too many,
Measure not my attempts not aplenty,
Take me as Your loving slave!
Forgive me the faults naive.

Your one smile, awaiting,
For Your one word, waiting
For the kiss of love yearning,
In anxiety, my world upside-down turning!
Come now, Parthasarathy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ParthaSarathy Perumal

Dearest ParthaSarathy,
At Your feet beautiful,
My heart is a flower little;
O Ruler of the World! My Lord Wonderful!
O Dark-skinned lover! May i forever at that height settle!