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Monday, August 15, 2011

Will Krishna Wipe my Tears?

Who but the gardener
To caress the flowers lest they wither?
Who but You, Parthasarathy, my Lord
Who but You have i got?

Who but the lover
To guide the heart that does falter
Whose help but Yours do i seek-
Even as tears run down my cheek?

What is the meaning of Your smile
If talking to the wind is all the respite i find?
What was the purpourt of Your beautiful glances-
When now, my mind, in this circus dances?

Whose shoulder do i lean on-
Whom do i have to trust?
When the Lord the world trusts
Seems to have abandoned me like a lone fawn!

When my mind thus laments in anxiety
Do u enjoy in invisible proximity?
Why is my heart like a mirror shattered?
O Krishna! Despite being by Your Lotus Feet sheltered??

O Lord Who became a charioteer
All to bring to a friend great cheer:
Will You not this slave steer
Away from seperation that she fears?

O Lord who lifted the Govardhan Hill,
Why do You my dreams kill?
If not for You, this heart will go still:
Come, with Your essence, this lowly life fill!!

O Great Speaker of the Bhagavad Gita!
When again will You tempt me with Your thrilling words?
When again will Your love leave me searching for words?
When again will You bestow Your association for which i long?
When again will You entertain this saddened heart with Your Love Song?

Test me not in testing waters,
Throw me not into waning litters!
Stay with me O Janardhana!
Keep me Yours forever O Krishna!

When You refuse to see this slave,
Why should she this lowly life save?
Leave me not of Your love bereft
Kill me with Your beautiful arms lest!

Whatever direction this life may take-
O Parthasarathy! This heart beats for Your sake!
Abandon not a surrendered slave:
Whatever be Your anger, forgo it for my sake!


  1. Beautiful di.....:-)))

    Enna achuu?? oh why am I even asking this lame questn..?!

    but just wow!!!! I can never pour out like this....i talk to him hrs together(content all the very same) but to bring out in form of such beautiful poems....i can never do it!!!!
    really loved it!

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  3. @ilwk, beautiful poem...Parthasarathy will never forsake His bhakthas, not to mention about surrendered ones... :-)

  4. Great to see your continued genuine pining for Krishna! Touching...
    By the way there is a tv series on Krishna - Dwarkadheesh - in hindi on ndtv imagine. You can find all episodes here:
    A little stretchy like a soap, but I'm a sucker for anything on Krishna! :)

  5. @dasyai:
    Thanks for the link. i will definitely check it out soon! :)

  6. @LUEN aka:
    Ur comment made me cry! :(
    If only He would understand!!

  7. @Venkat:
    Thnks for the visit...may He bless us that our thoughts forever dwell on Him!

  8. @ ILWK- happy janamashthmi dear may krishna bless you with what ever you want :-)

  9. Dear In Love With Krishna,

    I'll call you Radha...u just have it in you...
    Great to find someone with a similar pining...

    With Lots of love and Kanha-ness

  10. @ NN: @ rADHA: Thanks for the visit...and the comments! :)

  11. @ Meera: Lots of Kanhaness to u too... :D
    "Kanha-ness"- if that is a new word u coined, how do v define it??? :P :P :P

  12. Well, this post would be of great help to anyone who would come to read this one. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Damiana

  13. Oh, wow! This is beautiful!

    You are such a great poet! And Krishna must be pleased with you!!