This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How cursed must this idiot be
That i must Your disappointed form see?
What did i do wrong, my Lord?
That, with Your indifference, i be so scorched?

Like two bright almonds Your beautiful eyes,
Their radiance that charms and enchants the mind:
How come today even a glance they deny?
Than be scorched by Their anger, i'd rather i die!!

My Lord! Please do forgive a slave,
Who does earnestly for Your smile crave!!
O Dearest Lover! Bestow upon me Your mercy,
And please accept me at Your feet!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Lord!
Your lotus eyes and their depth endless,
Fill a poor girls imagination with desires relentless!
O my Krishna of charm boundless,
Bind me to You by Your mercy causeless!!

Lost in the luxury of Your kind love,
Have i forgotten the boons You have bestowed?
O my Love! Lord of my dreams!
Keep me forever at Your Lotus Feet!