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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Gopi: Staring at the Rain- The Aftermath

Dear Lord,
When the lashing rain stopped, there rained water from my eyes!
How do i appreciate Your greatness, that made You stop the rain?
O Dearest Lover, though i couldn't see You that day, You were kind and wonderful, so much so, to take me to Your place, against all odds, the next morning!

That day, as i stood in front of You, bewildered, and totally swept away, even my poetic rhyme deserted me!

i bestowed this insignificant life of mine at the hands of the Controller of the Universe, and Oh! how well You have taken care!
O dearest Lord, how kind You are that You gave such high value to my mere words??

How will i ever repay You?
How wonderful You are!
And in this very manner, by thus making me speechless in gratitude, You make this seperation even more painful.

You are the Monarch of my Mind!
Surrendered that i am unto You, this heart beats only for You!
Accept my humble offering unto You, and bestow upon me Your kind grace!!
Let me forever be lost in Your love, and forever at Your service.

Yours forever,
i love You!!!

P.S: i searched 4 words for so many days, but finding none suitable to describe the wonder that You just made happen so easily, (perhaps by smiling Your beautiful smile), i chose to fill in this mediocre post. It's not the usual rhyme, but, please, do hear my plea!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Gopi: Staring at the Rain

Dearest Krishna,
Oh! The thunderbolt i hear-
It fills me with fear!
But oh! not the sound of it,
But the seperation it brings with it!

The clouds are dark,
Their resemblance to You quite stark:
But oh! They send down torrents of rain:
That bring with them seperation's pain!

The raindrops kiss the grass,
For a scenery, they make a beautiful pass:
But oh! i end up kissing the door,
For i can walk out no more!

Your house is yonder,
To there, the mind does wander;
But oh! the pained heart fearfully wonders:
Are my chances of seeing You gone asunder??

The rain comes, to satisfy the earth's thirst,
But oh! what of the thirst i nurse!!!
The mind derides its selfishness-
But oh! To see Your form so blemishless!

In this little heart, there is clamour:
O Monarch of my Mind! all my hopes stammer:
Surrendered unto You, forever:
Do hear my prayer!

Your beautiful smile always gladdening-
Now, thinking of it, is maddening!
Your sea-like eyes of endless depth!
Thinking of them, now i fret!!

The raindrops came splashing
Perhaps even they were for You searching!
Please consider: i am, for one glance, yearning!
Kindly grant me that, all hurdles notwithstanding.

Let the rains die down,
Let there be no other hurdles now!
O dearest lover! Let me run to You:
And the lessons of love, learn anew!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Gopi: Musings

Dearest Krishna,
You skip on the grasses green,
Your flute conjures tunes serene,

With one glance, everything You steal:
Why then, amidst the trees Yourself conceal?

i could have been that feather:
Adorning the hair of the world's master!
i could have have been that flower so simplistic-
Dangling in a garland on Your shoulders majestic!

i could have been that block of gold
That was into thy ornament mould!

i could have been that flute so dear-
That seperation from Your lips doesn't bear!
i could have been Your humble sandals-
Forever cocooned in Your service mantle!

But oh! am but a poor girl,
Who has many a time erred-
But oh Lover! Unto You surrendered-
In these woods searching for You, bewildered!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vishnu Sahasranamam- My New Blog

By God's grace, i have just started a new blog:
It is my effort /initiative to translate the Sanskrit - Vishnu Sahasranamam, and provide English meanings!
It is not entirely my personal work, but based on a lot of reading. It also includes snippets of what i think!
Do check it out, if you have the time!

In Love With Krishna

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Gopi- In Conversation

O dear know-it-all! What do i say?
To You-my beloved Lord-show me the way.
You are the Goal, and You are the Guide-
O Dear Lord! Monarch of this mind!

O Lord who makes this poor heart chime-
What am i capable of but ordinary rhyme?
But my dear all-powerful Lord! O Controller of Time!
Let me forever in Your service joy find!

My Love! i fling myself at Your feet!
And Your kind grace beseech:
In my mind, adorn Your royal seat-
For the dust of Your feet it seeks!

Forgive me if this be rash
Even as my feelings are herein stashed.
O Sweet Lord! O beloved Krishna!
Be kind unto me as You always have!

From the Heart, Strangled in Doubt...

Dearest Krishna,
In this journey called life,
In this battlefield, to work and strive,
You are the only Support, forever beside-
In this quagmire-the best guide!

You steal the heart with Your charming glances,
For You alone, in joy, it dances,
Sometimes, lost in love, i fail to see
That You are the Lord of the worlds three!

When in suffering, on the heart's shoulder,
A hand that prompts me to cross every boulder:
But oh! the heart is Yours, dear Master!
Unto You am surrendered!

You are the oasis of the desert,
Forever present, You never desert,
O Lord of Everything!
Without You, how is there anything?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi Everyone!
This is a break from my usual post format, but i felt i had to share this with the people who happen to read my blog.
This is a playlist of Thirupaavai by Shri Aandal with English meanings included.
If you can't click the link, pls copy-paste it:

It is indeed a treat for anyone devoted to the Lord.
For the unacquainted, these 30 songs were sung by Aandal, when she kept the fast that the Gopis did to attain Krishna. In the end, she did too, as the Lord married her in her dreams, and the great periyazhwar, her father, dressed her up in bridal finery and took her to Shri Ranganathar, where she finally united with her Lord.

The songs embody true love and devotion, and it is even more a treat if you understand Tamil, because the pun and word-play in each of the songs is exotically wonderful!
'Kothai' was called Aandal, or the 'One Who Ruled Over the Lord Himself'.
She is the incarnation of Shri Bhumadevi. In the process of calling to Krishna for herself, she also engaged her friends, and actually, the whole world, and urged them to surrender unto His beautiful feet.

Aandal Thiruvadigale Sharanam!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Gopi Appeases Krishna's Anger...

Dearest Krishna:
The demon lies dead,
All evil has now fled;
Your might struck him down-
Oh! Please do not save that frown!

All the light of the world in Your eyes-
Why do You crown it with a sigh?
All the worlds began from Your smile-
Why then with Your anger, our minds derail?

You rescued us when it (really) mattered,
But now, the mind, by despair, is scattered-
Then, in trouble, i called for Your intervention,
Now, am pained by Your expression!

You always protected Your devotees:
Today's demon, (for You) was but a breeze!
Come now, let bygones be-
The silver lining reaching Your eyes-kindly let us see!

These are the feet that tread on the dust-
Let me wash them first!
These legs that kicked that monster-
Unto them, my humble service i render!

One glance of Yours does everything bestow-
But oh! You have forced Your eyes close!
Accept this request, from a slave of Yours-
Grant me one glance, and my life restore!

O Sweetheart! There comes Your mother,
Her mind worried, the locks asunder!
O Dear Lord! Your father comes yonder,
The people running, with all the speed they can muster!

By Your grace, we are safe-
Now do grant our minds solace!
Lord! Surrendered unto Your lotus feet-
For Your one caress, this heart beats!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Words of a Gopi...

Dearest Krishna,
You go off into the wild,
(To You it's just a while):
But oh! Measure not in seconds or miles,
There are hearts that for You pine!

The thorns in the forest may prick Your feet,
The wild shrubs may Your skin feel;
The tireless sun scorches ruthlessly:
Why, then, for that, You abandon me sweetly?

Truth be told, Your absence is wilderness-
It inspires only madness!
Dear Lord! Save the mind from its abyss-
Let it find You in its midst!

Come here, to this dwelling, for its master adorned,
Crush them under Your feet, if any mistakes You fathom;
Come now, for the flowers (adorned) may lose their water-
Come quick- don't let my rash hopes stutter!

Unto You are my humble requests,
My patience, and also my impatience;
Unto You, i address my thoughts,
Unto You am surrendered!

O Sweet Krishna!
This garden is beautiful-
But only because it holds Your memories;
Come, sow the seeds and enrich its blossoms new-
They eagerly await Your lessons anew!