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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Words of a Gopi...

Dearest Krishna,
You go off into the wild,
(To You it's just a while):
But oh! Measure not in seconds or miles,
There are hearts that for You pine!

The thorns in the forest may prick Your feet,
The wild shrubs may Your skin feel;
The tireless sun scorches ruthlessly:
Why, then, for that, You abandon me sweetly?

Truth be told, Your absence is wilderness-
It inspires only madness!
Dear Lord! Save the mind from its abyss-
Let it find You in its midst!

Come here, to this dwelling, for its master adorned,
Crush them under Your feet, if any mistakes You fathom;
Come now, for the flowers (adorned) may lose their water-
Come quick- don't let my rash hopes stutter!

Unto You are my humble requests,
My patience, and also my impatience;
Unto You, i address my thoughts,
Unto You am surrendered!

O Sweet Krishna!
This garden is beautiful-
But only because it holds Your memories;
Come, sow the seeds and enrich its blossoms new-
They eagerly await Your lessons anew!


  1. This outpouring of pure devotion is one of a kind. Reading this made my eyes well up with tears. I can never get to this level of realisation no matter how hard I try.

    What you have demonstrated is how women can be superior in terms of bhakti -- it comes to them naturally. It is so much more difficult for us men. You have paripurna anugraham of Krishna, Andal, and Nammalwar.

    Reading this, I was also reminded of the poem "dhikku theriyaadha kaattil" by Subrahmanya Bharathi.

    And finally, the artwork is also beautiful. Did you make it by yourself? Keep up the great work!

    Ever your servant,



  2. Dear Prahladadasa,
    Thankyou for your hearty comment.
    It is as though my Lord chose to speak through you.
    Your humility humbles perhaps anyone who talks to you.
    Speaking about 'realisation', even that is bestowed by Perumal.
    We all strive for realization, and purity in our voices when we call Him, and your comment, open-hearted and ever so humble, leaves me with this prickling feeling that i have so much more to learn on this track, and that am far from being as pure as you so gracefully denote me.
    The artwork is not mine, it's downloaded from the internet!
    May Perumal and Thaayar shower their blessings on all of us.
    In Love With Krishna

  3. Dear In Love With Krishna,

    Humble prostrations to you and so
    Your kind words exemplify your Vaishnava lakshanam perfectly.

    I am a Smartha Tamil. In my community, parama ekanta Vishnu Bhakti, which was once the rule of the day, is dying out due to Kali. Fabricating spurious modes of worship and fictitious, contradictory practices rule the limelight today in the Smartha community. In my blog, I am trying to do whatever I can to set this right by bring out the Ekanta devotion of Sri Adi Sankara Bhagavatpadar in his authentic works, Sri Narayana Bhattathiri (who wrote Narayaneeyam), Madhusudana Sarasvati, and other smartha-advaita sampradaya writers, and interlace it here and there with the works of Azhvars, Srivaishnava Purvacharyas, Madhvas, and Haridasas. Integral Vaishnavism can only be the medicine for Kali. I know this is an ambitious project far beyond my own capability. Whatever has been done, if there is anything good in it at all, is by Perumal only though may have used me as an instrument.

    I have more plans... There are innumerable scholarly articles on Srivaishnava Sampradayam and on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Sampradayam, and people can find it on the internet whenever and wherever they want. Having said that, I would love to see more articles discussing Divya-Prabandha Vyakhyanams. By the grace of perumal, one article has got done already (one detailing Eedu Vyakhyanam for Nammalwar's 'Pattudai adiyavar' pasuram). I am not that much familiar with Madhva, Nimbarka, and Vallabha sampradayas. I am trying to find someone who is familiar with these also and who can write great articles on their granthams.

    Sorry for the long post. I hope I have not bored you with this one.


  4. Dear Prahladadasa,
    i can't get bored discussing Perumal.

    i am Tamil too, and have been, by the grace of Perumal, born to a family of Shri Vaishnavas.
    Shri Ramanuja is the guru for us, and you will find that most of the 108 divya desams follow the sampradaya he set.

    The Nalayira Divya Prabandham is an elixir of Bhakti from which we can drink the very sweet nectar of Perumal Bhakti. And even Amrit would be nothing in front of this sweet nectar!
    i have hardly began reading the 4000 divya prabandham. If you are looking for someone to write about it, am afraid, and deeply regretful, that a nobody like me can't help you much. But you can visit this blog:
    i have been reading their posts, and you must take a look!
    i do not know much about the sampradayas you mention either. it is indeed a great thought to integrate the vaishnavite works from all directions.
    Yet, sampradayas are a way to reach God. Perumal Bhakti is the raw material that builds different ways to the ultimate goal-Perumal.
    From one point of view, the path doesn't really matter. All of them are equally special.
    He is the goal, and the guide as well.
    And, as long as the Goal is set, the Guide will take care of the rest!

    People like me can call Krishna.
    But your plans to spread bhakthi for Him is indeed selfless, and my sincere prayers to Perumal for your success.

    Someone as small as me doesn't deserve your reverence!
    i salute the spirit of your endavours, and, i know, He will take care of what is to be done.
    if i feel i know someone useful for your cause, i'll fill you in.

    Best of Regards,
    In Love With Krishna

  5. Thanks for the kind response. If you have the time, you can go through my little writeup on Nammalvar and one of his Tiruvaimozhi pasurams here: