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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Gopi: Musings

Dearest Krishna,
You skip on the grasses green,
Your flute conjures tunes serene,

With one glance, everything You steal:
Why then, amidst the trees Yourself conceal?

i could have been that feather:
Adorning the hair of the world's master!
i could have have been that flower so simplistic-
Dangling in a garland on Your shoulders majestic!

i could have been that block of gold
That was into thy ornament mould!

i could have been that flute so dear-
That seperation from Your lips doesn't bear!
i could have been Your humble sandals-
Forever cocooned in Your service mantle!

But oh! am but a poor girl,
Who has many a time erred-
But oh Lover! Unto You surrendered-
In these woods searching for You, bewildered!


  1. Beautiful... reminds me of Kulasekhara Azhvar's pasuram where he says "Let me be something on top of the Venkata hill - either as blade of grass, a stone or a step on the stairs of the temple, etc."

    Also, Oothukkadu Venkata Subbaiyer's "Brindavanam adil oru Pullaayp piravi thara vendum" came to my mind.

  2. Thanks...4 reminding me of the beautiful pasuram:
    'Sediyaya vanvinaigal theerkum tirumale-
    Nediyana venkatava nin kovil vaasal-
    Adiyarumanavarum arambayerum kiganthiyngum-
    '"Padiyaay kidanthu un pavazha vaay kanbene!!" '

  3. Wow... your pANDityam is great, even though you say that you are 'just a girl'!!

  4. Dear Prahladadasa,
    These r snippets i pickd up when i hear my parents' sing!
    It is indeed by Perumal's grace that i could have been born into a family of Vaishnavas.
    First, i just asked ama to teach me, coz i wanted to say slokas for Him- i didn't even understand, i was so small!
    Now, when i understand perhaps a minute fraction of what it really means, the attachment with Him just increases!

    i learnt (am still learning) to love Him from my mother, and now He also teaches!!!
    i can always look up to my father for his steadfastness in worship.

    Perumal can attract us with one glance, what to say, when He is loved, and glorified, and worshipped by one's family all the time!
    If you keep hearing 'Krishna! Krishna!' day in and day out (mostly, thanks to my mother), it's but natural that you fall in love with Him, madly! :)

    They say -Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam: it's not actually abt importance, but whom u know first. It is only Perumal's grace that He made sure that 'Matha' led me to 'Perumal', and so did 'Pitha'.!

    So, no 'pandityam' and all! i must thank Perumal for blessing me with such good parents! :)
    May Perumal and Thaayar shower their blessings on all of us!!

    PS: [While replying to ur comment, i just realizd that it was perhaps Perumal's way of pointing out how less i do know, that i could have done more!]

    In Love With Krishna

  5. Dear In Love With Krishna,

    It is indeed a great thing to be born in such a great Srivaishnava family!

    I am very hopeful of a great future for Srivaishnava-bhAgavata Vedic Sanatana Dharma, seeing enthusiastic young people and great families.



  6. Hare Krishna,

    Such beauty in your emotions and writing, I love your blog.



  7. @Priya Chauhan: Hare Krishna!
    Thanks :)

    In Love With Krishna