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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Ranganatha- A Drop of Dew

Each time i think of You:
Your lotus-like eyes and their peircing glance;
Your beautiful smile i was blessed enough to perchance;
Your folded arms- the crowning glory of Your stance;
And Your mocking expression that sends me into a trance!

Your demeanour-so calm, so composed-
Inviting, teaching, playing, maddening;
Your charm so compelling,
That has upon this mind a spell imposed.

Your form so majestic,
Your concern so caring,
Your love so sweet,
O! You are beyond-words magical!.

So, when i think of You,
In my mind arises a hope anew-
That one day, i might just as well see You,
Outside the blessed night-in-dreams hue.

When the surrendered heart calls out to You,
In the heart's realm at night You come running.
O Krishna! Thus hide- and- seek playing,
In my dreams, You begin ruling.

You quell the tears that pour,
With a gesture of such magnitude;
You put under Your spell this heart sour,
And, leave me wallowing in gratitude.

But, right now, rather than type here,
How i wish i was with You near!
You gave me birth at Your feet,
Give shelter now Lord for a mind in fleet!

O my Lord! Surrendered unto You,
i beg for Your grace anew!
May i not be at Your Lotus-Feet
A drop of dew?


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Hare Krishna

  2. @bbhakti: Yes, He is beautiful beyond imagination :)

    1. how can i talk to u...plz give me your email have smthing important to share plz

  3. Lovely!