This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first sweet- for You!!

This is a break from my usual blog posts, but here goes:

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, i made a sweet:
And, i made it only for You!

The first time i ever cooked (rice, sambar, avial-with grandma), i did it only for You!
Yesterday, my Sweetheart, i made a sweet for You!

i do not know what i must really call it, as i do not have any idea what i made.
i think it was 'Akkaravadisal', or maybe it was 'Milk sarkarai pongal', or perhaps something in between.

But i must thank Thaayar (and can't do that well enough in my poor words) for blessing this know-nothing-about-cooking with the ability to cook (albeit blackening the vessel!)
My thanks are also due to a certain Mrs. Shanthi Krishnakumar (You would know her, though i don't), whose blog post gave me the receipe. (i started following the blog for this very reason, though a cooking blog is of no use to me).

You were the one, who, with Your lion-like might, authoritatively asked me for the sweet!
How do i tell you, that it felt so nice that You would actually ask me to do something!!
You do not need me, my Lord, but, considering me Your own, the way You asked me to do it, it forever brings a smile onto my face!
For, i do belong to You.
To see You acknowledge that, is wonderful for me!

i am sorry if i could not meet Your expectations.
You are used to delicacies of all kinds, and now, thinking back, what could a first-timer's attempt claim to please You with?
But My Love, it is You alone i made it for:
Accept my little offering of Love, and if it was really bad, please don't be angry or upset!
My little adventure in the kitchen is nowhere worthy of Your beautiful red lips, but it was thinking of that never-ending smile of Yours alone that i made the dish!

My Love, i am surrendered unto You!
i love You, my Lord.

Forever in love with You, and forever at Your service,

Friday, July 23, 2010

Krishna in my Dreams!

The Lord of the worlds, tall and majestic:
Beckoning me with a smile so simplistic:
And, as i stood dumbfound-His eyes smiling:
He stretched His beautiful hands so loving!

He smiled: i melted;
He ordered: i followed;
He beckoned: i ventured;
He embraced: i smiled!

His sculpted hands around me,
His beautiful fingers on me:
My Lover's lotus eyes on this poor girl:
His beautiful smile fulfilling my dreams!

i felt my Lord's legs as pillars strong:
i rested my face on my Lover to whom i belong!
i looked up to see His beautiful face-
Complete with that dear smile and that moustache!

Then, i saw next to Him, His ruler:
Unto Her, then completed my surrender!
She then placed on my hair
Her hands beautiful and fair!

Smiling, as though i were mad,
Then, i touched His lotus feet!
But oh! now am in this world back-
Lost in those few moments that did fleet!

O dear Lover! The one i love:
i thought it was i who loved:
But oh! by Your one gesture-
You have unto me amazement bestowed!!

(This particular post is specially dedicated to my dearest Lord Parthasarathy!!!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Love is Divine: Love is You!!

Dearest Krishna,

People say love is divine:
Oh! Am in love with divinity itself!

People say love is above all:
With the Lord of all, in Love i did fall!

People say love is beyond the clutches of time,
Am in Love with the Master of Time!

People say in the Lover they see God,
Oh! My lover is indeed the Lord!

People say love makes the world spin,
My Lover sustains the worlds within!

When people are in love, the moon is a beautiful whim,
But oh! My lover's serene radiance can make the moon squirm!

When in love, the lover is faultless:
My Lord is, by nature, blemishless!

People say love is life:
What do i say? My Lover is the sustainer of Life!

People say love is service:
The world is forever at His service!
(count me along!)

People say love is surrender:
Unto my Lord, am surrendered!

My love: it sings His greatness:
But bemoans its littleness!

My love, to describe, i resort to cliches,
O Beautiful Eyed One: Beating around the bush, i lost my way!

From this bizarre predicament, my heart You save:
i love You: That's all i wanted to say!

The Gopi: to Giridhar

When You lifted the hill
On that one finger so little:
All our worries You stifled,
And with my emotions You fiddled!

O Dearest Lover! O Supreme Protector!
Like moths to fire,
Travellers to an oasis,
Birds to grain:
Here, this heart rushes to You!

Here, caught in life's fleet,
But oh! hear this plea!
All my love does Your grace seek,
For Your one glance, i beseech!

Like the wrongdoers, i am surrendered,
Like Your devotees, i am bewildered:
Once, by lifting the hill, you killed our worries:
Now, acknowlege our longing, and kill our doubts eerie.

P.S: "Kundru kudaiyaay eduthaay, gunam potri!
-Aandal (Thirupaavai)
Translation: You lifted the mountain as an umbrella, (we) praise Your character (forever present for helping Your devotees)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dearest Krishna!

Dearest Krishna,
My mind wanders,
In its path, its stutters,
O dearest Guide, Your beautiful face reveal,
And once again, this poor heart steal!

Blinded by the prevailing darkness,
i find myself in distress-
Dearest Lover- bequeath unto me Your kindness-
Save me by Your prowess!

Like the wrongdoers surrendered,
Like the devotees at Your service,
This girl awaits, her heart plundered,
Grant her Your glances of kindness!