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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Gopi: to Giridhar

When You lifted the hill
On that one finger so little:
All our worries You stifled,
And with my emotions You fiddled!

O Dearest Lover! O Supreme Protector!
Like moths to fire,
Travellers to an oasis,
Birds to grain:
Here, this heart rushes to You!

Here, caught in life's fleet,
But oh! hear this plea!
All my love does Your grace seek,
For Your one glance, i beseech!

Like the wrongdoers, i am surrendered,
Like Your devotees, i am bewildered:
Once, by lifting the hill, you killed our worries:
Now, acknowlege our longing, and kill our doubts eerie.

P.S: "Kundru kudaiyaay eduthaay, gunam potri!
-Aandal (Thirupaavai)
Translation: You lifted the mountain as an umbrella, (we) praise Your character (forever present for helping Your devotees)

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