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Friday, July 23, 2010

Krishna in my Dreams!

The Lord of the worlds, tall and majestic:
Beckoning me with a smile so simplistic:
And, as i stood dumbfound-His eyes smiling:
He stretched His beautiful hands so loving!

He smiled: i melted;
He ordered: i followed;
He beckoned: i ventured;
He embraced: i smiled!

His sculpted hands around me,
His beautiful fingers on me:
My Lover's lotus eyes on this poor girl:
His beautiful smile fulfilling my dreams!

i felt my Lord's legs as pillars strong:
i rested my face on my Lover to whom i belong!
i looked up to see His beautiful face-
Complete with that dear smile and that moustache!

Then, i saw next to Him, His ruler:
Unto Her, then completed my surrender!
She then placed on my hair
Her hands beautiful and fair!

Smiling, as though i were mad,
Then, i touched His lotus feet!
But oh! now am in this world back-
Lost in those few moments that did fleet!

O dear Lover! The one i love:
i thought it was i who loved:
But oh! by Your one gesture-
You have unto me amazement bestowed!!

(This particular post is specially dedicated to my dearest Lord Parthasarathy!!!)


  1. Beautiful! I struggled reading due to the different colour text , but your words are lovely! Haribol x

  2. @Bbhakthi: tnx 4 ur feedback on the colors...will make sure it's not a point in my future posts!
    Hare Krishna!

  3. Hey...AWESOME re:-)))
    Wow....WOW!!!! am speechless...!!
    U have penned ur feelings so beautifully:-))indeed so romantic!
    Grt one! thanks for having the link shared re...INSPIRING!!!!!!!