This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Do i have any rights?

When You are always here,
But sometimes, i falter,
Can i still belong to You?

When You are so good,
and i ungrateful-
Would i still have Your presence?

When You are impeccable,
And, yet, i commit mistakes intolerable-
Would You still save me from seperation miserable?

When i forget Your greatness,
And fall back on my promises-
Would You still bless me with Your caresses.

When You are all-encompassing,
And, yet, i commit errors embarrasing-
Would You stay with me, my Lord, all-forgiving?

When the ocean of love suffers a despair-spill,
And, my whole world comes to a standstill:
Would You not the void fill?

When i commit errors in devotion-
Do i still have rights to call myself a devotee?
When my mind is turning out to be full of vice-
Do i have rights to love Thee, to talk things nice?

Maybe i do not have the right to talk to You,
But, other options i have are few-
i have none but surrender unto You!

Forgive me, if You will,
By Your embrace, my holes kindly fill-
And by Your wonderful presence, this little heart You fill.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

O Blessed Water!

O The water of the blessed river:
Tell me about my dear lover!
How the sweetness of His touch sanctified You,
And gave you life anew!

Tell me how you His lotus feet cleansed,
And, with that sweet water yourself cleansed!
Tell me how your blessed water entered His mouth-
And felt the nectar that i have sought!

Tell me how He held you in His cupped palm,
Tell me about His infinite charm;
Tell me what it was like to touch His curly locks-
And, thus free yourself from all the chains with double locks.

Tell me about His endless eyes on which you were splashed,
Tell me about His luscious lips that You so luckily touched.
Tell me about that cloud-complexioned boy,
Who played with you like you were His toy.

When you washed the serene radiance of His face:
Was it not like You were washing the sun's rays?
Tell me, when you touched Him in every place:
Weren't you playing with the World's solace?

They say in your waters are lost the impure-
For you are among the most pure-
But, when the One who made you pure-  the Purest of the Pure
Straddled in you, wasn't He making your impure pure?

Oh! You served Him so wonderfully,
What a day when the Lord played in your water joyfully.
Not capable of serving Him, my state is sorry:
May He bless me to serve Him beautifully!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainy Thoughts...

Dearest Krishna,

Today, i stood on the rims of my window,
Seeing, the greens all around rejoicing in a row-

The rain was coming down- up to below;
And, in that blue sky, Your complexion was shown!

The plants were rejoicing,
They were afterall in an exercise of nourishing;
But, they were also at the sky glancing,
 At the sight of their Lord's complexion, revelling.

And, when i asked them if that was what they really meant,
Touched my face a gentle breeze, with a beautiful scent:
At that moment, i (joyfully) wept, (i thought it was a yes)
The rain had, indeed,  my anxieties swept!

Oh dear! There was a thunder so loud,
The rain's son's name, it is a custom to say aloud;
But i thought, how Arjuna, was to You bound-
And, then , i just revelled in the sound.

If the rain was Your association-
Parthasarathy, Partha experienced it to perfection:
You actually spoke to Him, and thus thinking-
Here, i am, on my window sill stretching, raindrop-collecting.

The thunder struck again-
This time, with the chorus of torrential rain:
Till now, it had been quite melliflous a downpour
Perhaps You were riding the sky, that's why the water, in eagerness, flowed.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dearest Parthasarathy: The Petition

Dearest Parthasarathy,
Thanks for the darshan today.

i have one request of You.
You may take it as the ramblings of an insincere-in-service devotee, or You may be kind enough to take it as a petition:

P- Permit, to serve
E- Enable to see
T- Teach, to love, unconditionally
I- 'i' may be lost in 'You'
T- Thrive i may, as Your slave, at Your feet
I- Inspire, to surrender unto You
O- Ostentatious intentions and false-pride be my loss
N- Never, never seperated from You

Forever Yours,
In Love With You,
Your slave