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Wednesday, September 29, 2010 sorry...and thanks for making me Realize...

Dearest Lord,
What do i say?
i chided You, got angry at You, when none of it was Your fault.
i was angry coz i could not see You.
i was upset as i had lost the privilege of being with You.
But, i forgot, that all this was happening because i love You.
i forgot to tell You, or show You how much You mean to me.

And, then, You made something (i dunno what) clear when i talked with a few devotees.
And then You showed me this wonderful video.

How could i ever think of blaming You, dearest Lover?
These pictures are but signs of Your loving nature!
You are my all, and i am Yours.
i had no right to the dramatic stupidity, and no reason too.
You were, and are, always here, and will always be there.
Am sorry, for being so horrible.
Please forgive me.
Come back, dearest Krishna, and teach me a lesson in love anew.
Maybe this itself was one: to love You without expecting in return.
i am lost here, if You will not come.
You are my Everything, if You abscond, then there is nothing.
Come, come, come....dearest KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i should have realized when You showed me the guru in my dream...
i should have realized when You saved me...
But stupid.
AM profusely SORRY.

i am surrendered unto You.
Am at Your discretion.
Whatever You do, o the One i Love, i am Yours, and Yours forever.
Just let me serve You.


  1. What a pleasant surprise to see this video. This is one of my favourites...and I listen to this quite often!

    Hare Krishna!

  2. @Ash: Yes, it's beautiful indeed...and the pics are mind-blowing!

  3. how can i connect to you have something important to share...plz...

  4. Kriya Isabella.... I think you accidentally sent me the email you wanted to send to ILWK (In Love With Krishna)..... plz clarify.... Jai Shri Krishna

    ILWK- Beautiful, as always. Haribol!