This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

O Krishna!!!! Will You??

O! Those toes that are the source of the Ganga river,
Thinking of this my heart does flutter:
May i on them place a little kiss, O Lord ?

O! Those feet worshipped by all:
Their might which brought Kalinga's pride before a fall:
Will You let me paint on them the henna colour?

O! Those legs that ran behind cattle,
That can, our sense of speed, rattle:
May i massage them, my Lord?

O! Your thighs like pillars strong,
When hugging them, true happiness i found:
Can i get lost in that very moment, dear Lord?

O Your nails so immaculate, with which
You saved Your devotees, as Narasimha incarnate:
May i serve You by trimming them, dear Lord?

O! Those fingers of your slender and long:
They may be tired after playing the flute song:
May i press away their fatigue, my Lord?

O! Those hands, forever giving-
Granting, blessing, and to surrender unto You guiding:
Would i be fortunate enough to caress them, my Lord?

O!Those arms of Yours, chiselled and sculpted:
That bear the Chakra, and the conch Panchajanya:
Will you, with them, once more hold me close, dear lover?

O! Thy manly and raised shoulders:
Bid me cross all the wayside boulders-
That i might press them gently, with oily fingers.

O! Your oh-so-handsome torso:
Oh! Words wouldn't express my thoughts: nay-
Bid me (please) fan those drops of sweat away!

O! You serene, radiant face:
That forever in thy devotees' memory stays-
Would You let me apply a cleansing facial paste?

i am unto Your feet surrendered,
Forgive me, really, if this be rashly absurd:
But may i press Your beautiful forehead, my Lord?

Oh! Your curly locks of hair:
You make me unabashedly stare:
But o Keshava! Can i run my hands through Your beautiful hair?

O Thy Lips! Reddish and moist:
Their nectar i crave the most,
But will You arch them, if i fed a sweet, dear Lover?

O! Your beautiful, beautiful eyes:
All the senses, with one glance, You deride?
Forever let me serve You: the rest You decide.