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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Krishna,

i speak of service, serving You.
But, today, i failed You miserably.
i stand here, ashamed, and totally lost.
i am surrendered unto You, do what You think best befits my folly.
It's not like i didn't want to, i just lost sight of my commitment to You.
It doesn't mean i do not love You, it doesn't mean i do not will to serve You, i ........
i was just plain pathetic, and am profusely sorry.

You let me come and see You today, in spite of being so busy, and this is just not the way to say thanks.

i never meant to hurt You, that was not my intention; to please You, i must work, but oh! i have made You angry perhaps.

O My Lord! Forgive me this once, this lapse.
And, i didn't even realize it's Your day today.
Only, i could have messed it up!!!

Bid me serve You, once more.
Forgive me, please!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awww...please dont be so hard on yourself. Krishna can never be angry with you. He is the ocean of Mercy and Love.

    As long as you have and remember Krishna in your heart, you've not failed. Not one bit!

  2. Thanks 4 ur comment! It's as though He chose to speak through you. :)
    //As long as you have and remember Krishna in your heart, you've not failed. Not one bit! //

    Ash, ofcourse we never fail, not in the actual meaning of the word, for we are surrendered unto Him.
    But, for someone who is so merciful as you so wonderfully put it, as His surrendered servants, enslaved by His wonderful Self, don't we have some duties?
    i feel we must never slack in them, or the amount of love.
    Ofcourse, it's His doing in the end, but we must show Him, right, that we are committed?

    Even petty relations demand so much of time and attention, what to say of Him?
    Though He doesn't demand it, perhaps, He deserves it all, as He spends so much of His precious time on us.
    We need to be committed, to show we love...
    And, i feel horrible when i slack in that, i feel it's going away...
    Ur comment made my day, as i hear His voice in your words. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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