This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 sorry...and thanks for making me Realize...

Dearest Lord,
What do i say?
i chided You, got angry at You, when none of it was Your fault.
i was angry coz i could not see You.
i was upset as i had lost the privilege of being with You.
But, i forgot, that all this was happening because i love You.
i forgot to tell You, or show You how much You mean to me.

And, then, You made something (i dunno what) clear when i talked with a few devotees.
And then You showed me this wonderful video.

How could i ever think of blaming You, dearest Lover?
These pictures are but signs of Your loving nature!
You are my all, and i am Yours.
i had no right to the dramatic stupidity, and no reason too.
You were, and are, always here, and will always be there.
Am sorry, for being so horrible.
Please forgive me.
Come back, dearest Krishna, and teach me a lesson in love anew.
Maybe this itself was one: to love You without expecting in return.
i am lost here, if You will not come.
You are my Everything, if You abscond, then there is nothing.
Come, come, come....dearest KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i should have realized when You showed me the guru in my dream...
i should have realized when You saved me...
But stupid.
AM profusely SORRY.

i am surrendered unto You.
Am at Your discretion.
Whatever You do, o the One i Love, i am Yours, and Yours forever.
Just let me serve You.

KRISHNA!!!! (Calling Out)

The thoughts of Your radiant smile dazzle me,
The memories of Your beautiful face teases me,
Your beautiful peacock feather, dancing along, seems to call me,
O Krishna! Where art Thee?

The jewels that adorn Your chest,
The beautiful garland hanging from Your neck,
The armlet on Your sculpted arms, and Your torso without a vest,
And, yellow garments, on my Lord, who makes the yellow sun look like a peck.

The sunlight in Your eyes,
The moonlight in Your smile,
The sky in Your complexion,
And, oh! the Universe is in You!

Ah! The jingling trinkets of Your feet,
Your toe-nails, so beautifully neat:
Oh! Your iron pillar-like thighs
And, beautiful, lotus like feet!!!

O! This heart unto You surrendered,
Do not tear it asunder:
At Your discretion, At Your disposal,
O! From sorrow, by Your grace, grant me an arousal.

Searching in these woods, for You in vain,
My heart seething with pain,
Would You please not come, dearest Krishna!
Isn't hide-and-seek too kiddish, O Krishna!?

If i have wronged- forgive me,
For, there is no other but Thee;
O! O! O! This girl begs to behold Thee!!!
O! Like You once did, Hold me!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Curtain

When i have not even requested Your help,
You are still there, with me-every step;
Yet, when the heart yearns for Your presence:
Why do You punish me thus with Your absence?

When i call out, in times of need, to Thee:
That very moment You are with me!
But, oh! Just one glimpse of You would do:
But, to come to You, i am bound by nature's curfew!!

i cannot come see Your beautiful face,
Nor do i get to stare unabashedly at Your radiant smile;
You have me here tied up by nature's lace,
And, damn me, even You have not come here, flashing Your charming smile.

O Lord! Am at your discretion:
So, You alone are responsible this no-win situation;
Why seperate me from You, my Lord?
Why play games when i need You, dear Lord?

My head is spinning,
And my heart is o'erflowing-
Love it is, mingled with deep sorrow:
Would You not grant this dark night the dawn of 'morrow?


When You from the Gopis stole butter:
They chastised You, little stealer:
But deep down, You made their hearts flutter:
Do let me touch those hands, dear Lover.

When You kicked the life out of a lifeless cart,
And the wretched demon a lesson taught:
Your beautiful feet turned red- did they not:
O! To serve them a boon may i have begot!

When You dived into poisonous water, deep by miles,
Your people- oh! Their senses were deriled:
And then, You came out dancing, and with a beautiful smile:
Will You not bestow upon me that smile, for just a little while?

When You put Your lips to a bamboo rod:
And produced many a melodious chord;
The whole world was listening to You, all their worries lost:
Let me but once hear that divine music: deny me not!

(a few days later, i continue this post i left that day...i do not get back the same state of mind to continue the poem, so i will fill in my thoughts today)

When You grant but one glance,
You leave everyone in a stance;
To serve You, give me infinitely many a chance-
And oh! let me get a chance to praise Your every nuance.

Monday, September 27, 2010

i asked Krishna...

i asked for a glimpse:
You gave a treat for the eyes that missed!

i asked that i may to You belong:
You held me close, all along!

i asked You that i may be able to serve-
Even then, You took care o overwhelm my nerves!

i asked You to live with You, forever:
You are giving a house so close to You, dear Lover.

i asked for forgiveness:
You gave me togetherness!

i asked You for so many things:
You granted all i needed, smiling.

Yesterday, i asked:
How come You aren't in my dreams-
As a reply, i saw, in that realm, the perceptor:
You are asking me to work harder, it seems!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Krishna,

i speak of service, serving You.
But, today, i failed You miserably.
i stand here, ashamed, and totally lost.
i am surrendered unto You, do what You think best befits my folly.
It's not like i didn't want to, i just lost sight of my commitment to You.
It doesn't mean i do not love You, it doesn't mean i do not will to serve You, i ........
i was just plain pathetic, and am profusely sorry.

You let me come and see You today, in spite of being so busy, and this is just not the way to say thanks.

i never meant to hurt You, that was not my intention; to please You, i must work, but oh! i have made You angry perhaps.

O My Lord! Forgive me this once, this lapse.
And, i didn't even realize it's Your day today.
Only, i could have messed it up!!!

Bid me serve You, once more.
Forgive me, please!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

O Krishna!!!! Will You??

O! Those toes that are the source of the Ganga river,
Thinking of this my heart does flutter:
May i on them place a little kiss, O Lord ?

O! Those feet worshipped by all:
Their might which brought Kalinga's pride before a fall:
Will You let me paint on them the henna colour?

O! Those legs that ran behind cattle,
That can, our sense of speed, rattle:
May i massage them, my Lord?

O! Your thighs like pillars strong,
When hugging them, true happiness i found:
Can i get lost in that very moment, dear Lord?

O Your nails so immaculate, with which
You saved Your devotees, as Narasimha incarnate:
May i serve You by trimming them, dear Lord?

O! Those fingers of your slender and long:
They may be tired after playing the flute song:
May i press away their fatigue, my Lord?

O! Those hands, forever giving-
Granting, blessing, and to surrender unto You guiding:
Would i be fortunate enough to caress them, my Lord?

O!Those arms of Yours, chiselled and sculpted:
That bear the Chakra, and the conch Panchajanya:
Will you, with them, once more hold me close, dear lover?

O! Thy manly and raised shoulders:
Bid me cross all the wayside boulders-
That i might press them gently, with oily fingers.

O! Your oh-so-handsome torso:
Oh! Words wouldn't express my thoughts: nay-
Bid me (please) fan those drops of sweat away!

O! You serene, radiant face:
That forever in thy devotees' memory stays-
Would You let me apply a cleansing facial paste?

i am unto Your feet surrendered,
Forgive me, really, if this be rashly absurd:
But may i press Your beautiful forehead, my Lord?

Oh! Your curly locks of hair:
You make me unabashedly stare:
But o Keshava! Can i run my hands through Your beautiful hair?

O Thy Lips! Reddish and moist:
Their nectar i crave the most,
But will You arch them, if i fed a sweet, dear Lover?

O! Your beautiful, beautiful eyes:
All the senses, with one glance, You deride?
Forever let me serve You: the rest You decide.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A break from my Usual Post Format...Parthasarathy!!!!

Dear Reader,
This blog is a bit stupid perhaps, coz u end up reading letters, and stuff of that sort, which is not exactly directed to you.
But my hope, wish and aim regarding this blog has been to write to Krishna.
But this is a post i wish to share, and do so badly.

Please take a look at this video (Look out keenly for what i mention below the video)

Sri Parthasarathy Perumal, Triplicane

This is Sri Parthasarathy of Triplicane temple, in the heart of Chennai.
It is one of the 108 divya deshams.
If you look keenly, you will see arrow marks all over His face, and actually, His whole body.
The story goes that the metal was recast three times or so, but the marks remained.
These were the marks made by Bhishma in the battlefeild of Kurukshetra when Krishna wonderfully chose to take up the role of Arjuna's Charioteer.
Such is His wonder: He took up all this upon Himself for His devotee, and the marks on His body too were made by a devotee!
Such is His love, such is His greatness! Simply stunning! :)
Another thing perhaps not visible in all the decoration is the stretch mark on His waist, where Yashodha tied Him to a mortar.

He is the Utsava Moorthy.
The 'Mulavar' is Sri Venkata Krishnan, who, quite in style, sports a handlebar moustache and all. He is present, along with Sri Rukmini.
Also present along with the Lord are Balaram, His younger brother Satyaki, His son Pradyumna, and His grandson Aniruddha (yep, a family darshan, like nowhere else).

There are also seperate 'sannathis', or "karpagraha" for Thelliya Singar ( Yoga Narasimha), Varadaraja Perumal (granting moksha to Gajendra on Garuda), Sri Ranganatha, Sri Ranganayaki Thaayar, Sri Rama, and Aandal (Yes, she is there along with Her Krishna :) )

wooh! i began writing this post, as i was feeling bad, thinking about the marks on His face. Even if you see Him often, you don't get used to it. In fact, it is deeply saddening, and makes you wonder: why doesn't He just get a facial done????
But i guess, i finished with a mini-description of the temple (His will, maybe)!

Well, if you ever get a chance, do not miss an opportunity to visit Him.
He is absolutely fantabulous, and i could tell you, in no less than a trillion words-just how!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Peircing Glance and a Lasting Smile

When the sun comes out of the ocean,
When a lamp lights up a dark room all of a sudden,
When the fire dances about in a night sullen:
Then, a shade of Your glance i may have begotten.

When the horizon creaked in pristine glory,
When the rainbow lit up the sky so cloudy,
When the crescent adorned the sky smartly:
Then, i remembered Your smile gladly.

The sun, the star, the moon, the sky :
Them i use in an attempt to describe
Your wonders so profound, my shiny-armoured Knight! :)
But oh! As the Lord Yourself, all definitions You defy.

Bless these eyes of mine to forever be able to see You,
Bless me that i forever sing Your glories anew:
i am unto You surrendered: Keep me with You-
Forever to be able to love and to serve You!