This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dancing to ParthaSarathy's Tunes

My mind dances to His tunes-
That dark-complexioned boy who enamours with His divine tunes;
My mind dances to His tunes-
The Lord of Triplicane, the Lors of my Heart!

My eyes danced in excitement-
When they sighted His beautiful face resplendent!
My mind danced in childish fervour-
When it at His feet found shelter!

My heart now sings a song of grief,
For He has of it's dreams taken leave!
And now, when He is said to look so wonderful,
This heartaway, and in confusion palpable!

i dance to the tunes of my Lord,
Whose hands of my mind's ratha holds the cord:
O Lord in Control! Steer this rusty chariot to victory:
And in victory also, may it find Thee!

With all earthly forces undone,
i am prostrated at the Feet of my Lord who has me stunned;
This poor slave, do not shun:
i am in a race: along with me run!

The nectar of Your sight, today i missed!
But i am caught in deep waters betwixt-
Save me dear Lord! from falling into an abyss-
At Your service, and in Your love, may i forever find bliss!

Monday, February 7, 2011

In the Chemistry Lab

Concentrated acids of every kind around me...
The clock on the wall ticking...
And, me, in a flurry, to get my Board Practicals right...

This is the stuff that i usually get right, but am too tensed up...
Your name on my lips, more out of fear, than devotion....

And add to it that my burette chooses to leak,
And the solution choses to beat the pipette and get into my mouth...
And, my salt, a mystery to solve, to give a name, seems like an enigma, and me like Sherlock Holmes trying to investigate it....

Usually i am a "good" Sherlock Holmes, but things went awry...
And who would i blame?
You, ofcourse!
Coz, You were the only person i knew, and trusted in that whole room...
So, i

First, my seat number got me...
it was 9!!
Why wasnt it 8??
8 is special about You!
Why did u "rig" the seating arrangement to make sure i didnt get Your number???

i was insane! And, who better than You to blame in insane moments??

So, i say: If i get this titration right, You are with me(!!!!!)
And, i do it...
i get a reading, but am not so sure...
Usually i am, but i had gotten everything wrong so far today....
i stand before the examiner, and blurt out my value, half-hoping her verbal assault at my appalling error....
Instead she says- Ya, perfect!!!!

How stupid!
i am stumped!
By Your love, by Your greatness in bearing with my stupidity!

And, then, i remember...
You are the "9th" of the Dasavathara, dearest Krishna...
In a not-so-noticeable way, i DID get Your number!!!
How stupid again!
Do you deal with headcases like me all the time?
Blaming You when You are the very support?
Cussing at You only because You are there?
Expecting help always from You, even if it's not perhaps right???

i dunno, my Lord, but i love You!
More so, coz u were an amazing chemistry-lab-nerve-soother today!
Actually, more than that!
You were my everything in the chem lab today.
And, You are everything in the lab of life