This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lost in this eerie wilderness,
Caught in the worst of mind's duress;
Oh! i am lost in this horrid place my lover-less,
Why don't you come to relieve my stress?

Why will You not talk?
(O My Honey-lipped Lord!)
Why have You turned Your face away
O Dearest! Don't my tears Your heart sway?

Do You think i can manage alone?
Do You think i'll believe You are stone?
Or, are You exasperated by my monotone-
And left me for my sins to atone?

Oh! Even if i must atone, (O Lion-Faced Lord)
How will i possibly survive alone?
i love You, i am surrendered unto You
Never, ever bid me adieu!

If i have been frivolous, forgive me,
If mistakes are mine, have mercy on me;
This heart cannot beat in Your absence-
O! O! Never may i be anywhere but Your presence.

You took away our symbol of love,
And, left me completely bereft now;
All my mind churns out is tears
Calling desperately, that dear PSP! You be near!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oscar Wilde's Non-Selfish Giant

i just wrote my English board exam.
i shouldnt be here as i have a rather imporant and daunting subject called Physics lined up next for me.
But, today....
i wrote an essay about my dear Krishna.
i wrote an essay about Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant", but if you read it here, you will know what i meant.

And since my mind keeps wandering back to the wonderful experience that Wilde must have had when he wrote this, the spell-binding effect it had on me when i was paraphrasing his ideas...

What my version of Wilde's giant would have told the little boy Krishna...

You look like any other boy-
Yet, You have played with my heart like a toy!
You look like any other little boy-
But, i guess this whole thing was Your ploy!

You stand so majestic, teasing my senses,
Your eyes in a smile so exquisite, perplexing my tenses,
Your hands on Your hips, You pretend You are a kid small-
But, oh! Now, i see we are Your kids all!

The hands with which You drive us puppets,
Oh! You flung them about me in a loving caress!
That day, You planted a kiss upon my undeserving cheek-
And, ever since, nothing else could i seek!

O my dear little boy! 
How i have longed to play with You!
Playing, dancing, cheering- o! with these ideas i have toyed!
O! Did i know i was Your toy?

These flowers sprung up when they touched Your feet-
Seeing You, my heart was awoken from its evil sleep-
Today, this heart that loves You has in front of You kneeled
Begging Your mercy, Hoping You won't again fleet!