This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Ordinary Offering to the Most Extraordinary

O Lord!
Words are wonders when they praise You,
Tunes are tempting when they sing You,
Thoughts are beautiful when they talk of You,
My mind is maddened-thinking of You!

The bamboo was just mere wood,
Before You blowing a sweet tune invitingly stood;
The peacock feather might have been just another-
Had it not been shed lovingly for its Master!

The rock was too ordinary,
Since Your feet it touched, it's now exemplary;
The plate of food might not have been so divinely sumptous,
Had You not tasted it and found it delecious!

O Lord! Cast upon this slave one glance,
She will the glory of Your presence perchance!
Grant me but one loving smile;
And, once again, my lovelorn senses deride!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Bridge

Miles away from You i stand,
O Lord! With whom is the world's command;
O Parthasarathy! Pride and ignorance in my way stand-
My love awaits Your errand!

These miles that keep me away,
Won't You Keshava brush away with Your sway?
The distance that this little heart laments,
Would You not erase by pouring Your love in torrents?

Let this slave build  a bridge to You,
Just as the monkeys once did for You,
And just as each stone bore Your name,
Let my mouth forever sing Your fame!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wound in Love

My voice calls out to You on this side of the sea,
And, the clock seems to flee;
O Killer of Puthana! Do save me!
Thrust me not into darkness eerie.

To see You smile,
And a thousand suns lit up find;
To see You stand so majestic,
And find myself at Your feet like a stick!

To serve You everyday,
Better than yesterday.
To love You, come what may-
To be surrendered, and second thoughts nay.

To drink off the nectar of Your feet,
To taste the nectar of Your lips,
To be lost in the magic of Your touch,
To find this heart for You vouched!

To be forever humble, and in that never stumble,
To be forever at Your call, and may that goodness never stall;
To house You in this little heart, though it is worthy not;
To see in my eyes Thy form so nice!

Slave i am, begging Your grace,
Lost in the beauty of Your dark face;
O Lord! As Your mother had You by love bound;
Would You not me in Your love wound?

(Dedicated to my dear Parthasarathy)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Of What Use?

Caught in the web called Life,
Embroiled in the daily strife,
Have i forgotten You, O Beloved!
Oh No! Your causeless mercy on me bestow!

My hands in front of You are folded,
But they are by habit moulded.
My eyes in Your direction stare unswaveringly,
But they are incapable of appreciationg Your beauty unfortunately.

My mouth bears only Thy name,
But, the words are empty all the same;
My feet run to Your temple,
But oh! my heart cannot behold the spectacle!

Of what use are my hands that can't serve You?
Of what use are my eyes that don't cry for You?
Of what use are my words if they don't reach You?
Of what use is my existence if not for You?

Why is this heart so bound,
Wherefrom is this slag newfound?
Have i been too proud, dear Lord?
Or my laziness failed to strike a chord?

Of this mind, You are the Monarch,
Wherever You wish, you have it park'd;
i am maddened by Your silence stark-
O Dearest Lord! Lighten my thoughts dark!

With Your Panchajanya conch,
Send my misgiving away by furlongs;
O Slayer of Demons! Slay this surrendered slave's insincerity,
O Love of My Life! Into Your helm, grant me a re-entry!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dearest ParthaSarathy

Dear Lord,
Hear a little plea,
From this heart now at Sea!
Grant me but one sight-
Therein i'll find my respite!

Thoughts of the finery You wear
Wear me down!
Thoughts of Your charming air
now, in the deepest chambers of my heart, resound.

Thinking about Your lightning glance
You leave me in the middle of a trance;
Thinking about that sweet killer smile
This moment, i rue my exile!

The waves of my mind are splashing viguourously,
Searching, yearning, calling out, incessantly-
Grant them the shore of Your caress,
Then, they will, in shyness, redress.

Perhaps it is because i wronged
That now i have Your grace forgone;
Perhaps, so weak has been my song
That now their notes are forlorn.

Your beautiful feet are the world's shelter,
Your very thought makes evil run helter-skelter;
i am surrendered unto You, evil-abolisher,
i am in love with You,  mountain-lifter!

By the disastrous wind of seperation,
This poor girl not in Your celebration!
O Dearest Lord! Forever keep me at Your beautiful feet,
Only their succour in life i seek!

Friday, December 17, 2010


My Lord!
my heart hums Your name,
You drive my brain whirry with the same;
Furlongs seperate this girl from You,
Furlongs that have gotten a meaning anew!

Lying on the snake-bed,
With the world in Your stead,
Reclining, waiting, watching,
You are maddening me with Your grace inviting!

At Your feet, born a slave,
At Your feet, complete a surrender so naive;
Awaiting, for ever, one little glimpse,
The day i was born- ever since!

O Lord! You tear apart all definitions,
But, You have now defined my tears in high definition!
O Lord! You are of powers limitless,
Yet, why my request You have not addressed?

O Lord! The mind a sorry path does transverse,
As from You, kept away, again by my situation adverse.
Yearning now for a dollop of grace,
For a little smile's sake!

Dear Ranganatha- A Drop of Dew

Each time i think of You:
Your lotus-like eyes and their peircing glance;
Your beautiful smile i was blessed enough to perchance;
Your folded arms- the crowning glory of Your stance;
And Your mocking expression that sends me into a trance!

Your demeanour-so calm, so composed-
Inviting, teaching, playing, maddening;
Your charm so compelling,
That has upon this mind a spell imposed.

Your form so majestic,
Your concern so caring,
Your love so sweet,
O! You are beyond-words magical!.

So, when i think of You,
In my mind arises a hope anew-
That one day, i might just as well see You,
Outside the blessed night-in-dreams hue.

When the surrendered heart calls out to You,
In the heart's realm at night You come running.
O Krishna! Thus hide- and- seek playing,
In my dreams, You begin ruling.

You quell the tears that pour,
With a gesture of such magnitude;
You put under Your spell this heart sour,
And, leave me wallowing in gratitude.

But, right now, rather than type here,
How i wish i was with You near!
You gave me birth at Your feet,
Give shelter now Lord for a mind in fleet!

O my Lord! Surrendered unto You,
i beg for Your grace anew!
May i not be at Your Lotus-Feet
A drop of dew?

ParthaSarathy- My Vaikuntha Ekadasi Wish

Forever at Your feet, Forever with You...
Forgive me my fallen faults,
Forever, keep me with You-
Kindly grant my heart's desire!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ParthaSarathy as Venugoplala

Parthasarathy, my Parthasarathy!!!
When the mind finds itself in distress wallowing,
You, and, You alone are the force guiding:
And, when You as Venugopala play the flute enchanting-
Our souls run to seek Your music endearing.

When the suun multiplies its radiance ten times,
One millionth of Your radiance, maybe i'll find.
Even if the moon were thousand times more serene,
How would it match the charm on Your face seen?

So, don't blame me, my Lord,
As my eyes yearn for the spectacle of spectacles,
My ears yearn for the pinnacle of pinnacles;
And my mind hopes it earns the miracle of miracles!

There, You are, in my Vrindavan,
Playing the flute, enriching my Man-Van;
But alas! here i am stranded
As though an alien abandoned!

Fie not the mind that runs to You,
Vie not my misfortune that i cannot see You,
Buy not i will words that confer patience-
Sigh not i will  tilll tor each You, i finish my work with diligence!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Senthamarai Kannan (The Lotus-Eyed Krishna of Tholaivillimangalam)

Devarpirane, my Lord!

Today, you will be out on Your palanquin,
On Hanuman's hands, placing Your holy feet;
Today, You will be out to delight the masses-
Your beautiful body adorned with flowers of all classes!

Today, the sky will peer down,
As You set out amidst jubilations aplomb;
From the Three Worlds, Your devotees will throng-
To see You come out amidst music and many a song.

Your face smiling- senses deriding;
Your eyes deep, Lotus Eyes indeed!
Your fragrance in the air will waft,
Your presence will send all into attention rapt.

You have been praised as the Lord of the thick garden-
But oh! the foliage has been by calamities stricken;
Then how unfortunate, my Lord-
That i cannot even offer a little flower!

You steal my mind, O Protector of my Clan,
i wish i were near You holding a fan!
Bedecked in all finery, to see You,
In my mind now, is raging a greedy hue!