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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dearest ParthaSarathy

Dear Lord,
Hear a little plea,
From this heart now at Sea!
Grant me but one sight-
Therein i'll find my respite!

Thoughts of the finery You wear
Wear me down!
Thoughts of Your charming air
now, in the deepest chambers of my heart, resound.

Thinking about Your lightning glance
You leave me in the middle of a trance;
Thinking about that sweet killer smile
This moment, i rue my exile!

The waves of my mind are splashing viguourously,
Searching, yearning, calling out, incessantly-
Grant them the shore of Your caress,
Then, they will, in shyness, redress.

Perhaps it is because i wronged
That now i have Your grace forgone;
Perhaps, so weak has been my song
That now their notes are forlorn.

Your beautiful feet are the world's shelter,
Your very thought makes evil run helter-skelter;
i am surrendered unto You, evil-abolisher,
i am in love with You,  mountain-lifter!

By the disastrous wind of seperation,
This poor girl not in Your celebration!
O Dearest Lord! Forever keep me at Your beautiful feet,
Only their succour in life i seek!

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