This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Dear Lord!

O Lord of my Man-Van,
Splendid and breathtaking is my Vrindavan!
Let me at the shade of Your feet be given a chance to revel-
O Lord! Let me live with You under Your spell!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Does Love Lie?

They say lovers lie,
To give their heart in style;

They say that Love is their Life,
Their oar in the boat of Strife;

They say they are enslaved,
Done in by charm's parade;

They say that they lose themselves
To their Love, and thus win joy for themselves,

They say the beloved resides in the heart,
Which will stop if the lover does depart;

They say they have been born for the One,
The one who does their senses stun.

O Lord! Behold my ironic state,
For, by these statements, the Eternal Truth i would thus state!!!

This greatness of Yours,
Humbles me, bestraddles me;
O! Creator of Space!
Is it foolish to bind You by the heart's pace?

O Lover! When i speak inadvertently,
In a manner that would beguile You greatly;
You go on smiling placidly,
Or chide me ever so lovingly!

O Lord of the Three Worlds!
Forgive me misdeeds in action, thoughts or words-
Forever, enamoured this mind i find-
By Your radiance with which You are said to blind!

Monday, November 22, 2010

So Be It!

If i must not come see You, so be it;
If i must not come revel at You, so be it;

If i must not feast my eyes on Your beautiful form, so be it.
If i must not hear those poetic sounds so awesome; so be it.
If i must not let my mind dance like the lamps, so be it.
If i cannot admire Your beautiful stance, so be it.

If i must not partake Your dinner, so be it.
If i must not drink the Nectar of Your Lotus Feet, so be it.
If i am entitled to be a moaning loser, so be it.
If this cruel seperation is part of Your plans neat, so be it.

If this be Your descision, so be it-
Surrendered slave i am- i will not question it.
If my agony is Your joy, so be it-
Your joy is my jubilation, so be it!

But, when i am thus unceremoniously cast away-
Do You wish me to smile away, O Lord now so Far Away?
What of the tribulations in the mind's fray
Caused by Your mighty play?

You can do what You may-
Yet, i have doubts nay:
For today, You may keep me away,
But, otherwise, You will  make things work my way!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Standing Close To You...

My Lord Parthasarathy!
Standing close to You,
Doubts in my mind must be few;
Yet, the mind conjurs its idiotic questions anew:

What will i enjoy, my Lord?
Must i look at Your beautiful feet
Which are my only shelter as times fleet?

Must i look at Your Forever-Giving Hands,
Which don't even give Your devotees to ask twice a chance?

Must i look at Your fingers slender-
That hold the Panchajanya which sent Your foes running asunder?

Must i look at Your arms so inviting-
That held me in an embrace revelling?

Must i look at Your pillar-like thighs,
Wherein, i rested my cheeks, on a day so nice?

Must i stare unabashedly at Your radiant face-
That brings a smile on Your devotees' face?

Must i stare at Your lotus-eyes so wide-
And, myself, lost in You find?

Must i look at Your moustache,
That completes Your picture of amazement with panache?

Or, must i find respite in Thine smile-
Even as it sends all haunting doubts to exile??

Or, must i just to Rukmini Thaayar bow-
Who has forever Her kind grace bestowed?

By the Lord of Time,
To stand close to Him, i have been blessed abundantly:
But oh! when You smile Your beautiful smile-
You send the concept of 'time duration' to exile!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

न कदानुभवे? When will i experience???

प्रेमदं च मे कामदं च मे
वेदनं च मे वैभवं च मे
जीवनं च मे जीवितं च मे
देवनं च मे देवनापरम!

- Krishna Karnamrutam by  Lilasuka

You are (all) my love, and also (all) my desire;
You are (all) my knowledge, You also are (all) my wealth;
You are my Life, You also are my Life Support (all i have);
You (alone) are my God, and none else!!

Premadam cha me, kAmadam cha me,
Vedanam cha me, Vaibhavam cha me,
Jivanam cha me, Jivitam cha me,
Devanam cha me, DevanAparam.

40 minutes of Sanskrit class at school = 40 minutes of Your bliss

Krishna, given, that, at one point, i was not even going to take Sanskrit as my subject, i thank You for being my dearest Parthasarathy, and making me take up this subject. For otherwise, i would not have had the wonderful experience of listening to, and experiencing, atleast a fraction of,  the madness that Lilasuka felt.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Krishna- You are...

You are the Lord of my heart,
You are the life in my blood,
You are the breath in my existence,
And You are my One and all.

You are the life of my paltry verse,
You are the death of my thoughts adverse;
You are the Ranganatha on my mind-bed,
You are the Parthasarathy of my mind-chariot.

You are the goal of my life,
And my Guide, too in the strife.
i may be nothing but an ignorant idiot-
You are all i have, my dearest IDIOT.

You are my companion in all times,
You are the patient listenr of my whines.
You are my puppeteer,
And when in trouble, my dear musketeer!

You are all that is defined by my wishes,
You are all that is undefined by the word love.
You are my Science, when life is scientifical-
And when life is unreasonable, all that is unscientifical.

You are my craving,
You Yourself are my blessing.
You are my desire,
You are this cold heart's fire.

Refuge is Your lotus feet,
Respite is Your beautiful smile.
Relishing Your each and every fickle action,
Rejoicing at being Your surrendered slave.

You are my Victory,
For, to You, i have lost!
You are my surrender,
You are the one who makes me maddened and wander!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Abolisher of Fear

When knowledge was swallowed by pride,
And when minds were riding the fear ride-
O Hayagreevaa! You set all those fears aside!

When the Gods feared demolition,
When they begged Your benediction- As Mohini
You abolished their fears in true fashion.

When dear Mother Earth was taken prisoner,
And was caught in the whims of an evil-doer, O Varaha!
You fought fiercely to save Her, O Supreme Protector!

When the world, of an evil demon, ran amock in fear,
But his own son, on the path of devotion, lost fear- O Narasimha!
You came, and instilled, in the minds of wrong-doers, unsurmountable fear!

By Your beautiful feet, the world You measured,
In front of You, all false-pride stuttered- O Vamana!
One sight of You, and all fears be weathered!

When people were ruthless, O Parashurama! You instilled fear,
But O Rama! You caressed Your devotees by keeping them near:
O Krishna! It is only seperation from You i fear!

When the rain of arrogance Your devotees lashed,
Govinda! By lifting a hill, their anxieties stashed:
Keshava! Seeing Your beautiful face, even Fear will run abashed!

When the mind of Partha was full of fear:
Towards reality, the chariot You masterfully did steer.
O Parthasarathy! The wasteful travails of the mind to shreds You tear!

When Draupadi was in a condition destitute:
O Janardhana! She called out to You: the Protector Absolute-
And You, once again, the triumph of fear did forcefully refute!

O Bhaktavatsala! With the Lord at their beck and call
Your devotees shall never suffer fear's downfall-
Now, these flowing tears, Krishna! by You gentle caress stall!