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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Standing Close To You...

My Lord Parthasarathy!
Standing close to You,
Doubts in my mind must be few;
Yet, the mind conjurs its idiotic questions anew:

What will i enjoy, my Lord?
Must i look at Your beautiful feet
Which are my only shelter as times fleet?

Must i look at Your Forever-Giving Hands,
Which don't even give Your devotees to ask twice a chance?

Must i look at Your fingers slender-
That hold the Panchajanya which sent Your foes running asunder?

Must i look at Your arms so inviting-
That held me in an embrace revelling?

Must i look at Your pillar-like thighs,
Wherein, i rested my cheeks, on a day so nice?

Must i stare unabashedly at Your radiant face-
That brings a smile on Your devotees' face?

Must i stare at Your lotus-eyes so wide-
And, myself, lost in You find?

Must i look at Your moustache,
That completes Your picture of amazement with panache?

Or, must i find respite in Thine smile-
Even as it sends all haunting doubts to exile??

Or, must i just to Rukmini Thaayar bow-
Who has forever Her kind grace bestowed?

By the Lord of Time,
To stand close to Him, i have been blessed abundantly:
But oh! when You smile Your beautiful smile-
You send the concept of 'time duration' to exile!


  1. Beautiful, as always. You're so blessed and talented.

    Hare Krishna!

  2. @Ash: So nice to see you back around here. :)
    Thanks for your comment.
    i am not talented and all- it's by His grace that i write.

  3. The beauty of Parthasarathy Swamy is elegantly brought out through ur lines...He just comes in front of my eyes. And yeah, in front of Him, we always confront such questions :-)

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  4. @Manivannan Sadasivam: Thanks for your comment.
    Actually it's Venkatakrishnan i was talking about, but we have gotten so used to calling Him Parthasarathy by now. :)
    Seeing Parthasarathy on the other hand makes me cry, because of all those marks on His face.
    He looks great and all, but still, it's heart-wrenching-His scars. :(
    Yes, how many ever times we may stand close to Him, He looks more amazing then than ever before. :)))
    It's always a haze, and even if you had come asking for something, you will forget what you wanted, just looking at His grandeur. But, He will fulfill all your wishes, just as He did Sudama's. :))
    But, your saying 'Sriramajeyam' brought me to something else.
    More times than not, i don't stand in the long quesues, all by His grace.
    As i get to walk inside, there' always a dilemma when i stand facing Shri Rama as i am caught between looking at Him and looking at Parthasarathy.
    So, i have one long look at Him, and bow to Anjaneyar, and am off. Ofcourse, if there' no big crowd, i do go inside and get a darshan, but it's been a long time.

  5. Actually, I never knew His name was Venkatakrishnan :-)Thank u for introducing Him as Venkatakrishnan. And yup, me too had felt the same when I first saw the scars on His face. Yes, it's heart-wrenching :(

    ///So, i have one long look at Him, and bow to Anjaneyar, and am off.///

    ha ha!! With Krishna around, that's well
    expected! :-)

    Shri Rama Jayam!

  6. @Manivannan Sadasivam: i am so surprised you didn't know!
    Moolavar: Venkatakrishnan
    Utsavar: Parthasarathy

    //With Krishna around, that's well
    Especially, when Krishna is our 'Parthasarathy' pulling our mind-chariots towards His Lotus Feet. :))

  7. Your final words here blew my mind: "But oh! when You smile Your beautiful smile-
    You send the concept of 'time duration' to exile!"

    Wow you amaze me...

  8. @bbhakti: Actually, It's Krishna, thinking of Him reading my little words that amazed you...
    Fortunately for us, the amazement is an eternal, forever-ongoing experience :)