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Saturday, November 13, 2010

न कदानुभवे? When will i experience???

प्रेमदं च मे कामदं च मे
वेदनं च मे वैभवं च मे
जीवनं च मे जीवितं च मे
देवनं च मे देवनापरम!

- Krishna Karnamrutam by  Lilasuka

You are (all) my love, and also (all) my desire;
You are (all) my knowledge, You also are (all) my wealth;
You are my Life, You also are my Life Support (all i have);
You (alone) are my God, and none else!!

Premadam cha me, kAmadam cha me,
Vedanam cha me, Vaibhavam cha me,
Jivanam cha me, Jivitam cha me,
Devanam cha me, DevanAparam.

40 minutes of Sanskrit class at school = 40 minutes of Your bliss

Krishna, given, that, at one point, i was not even going to take Sanskrit as my subject, i thank You for being my dearest Parthasarathy, and making me take up this subject. For otherwise, i would not have had the wonderful experience of listening to, and experiencing, atleast a fraction of,  the madness that Lilasuka felt.


  1. Wow how wonderful! I'm sure this will be exhilarating to learn the most beautiful language that was spoken by Krishna :o)

  2. @bbhakti: Krishna's language is LOVE.
    And, the classroom is at His lotus feet. :))

    i love this particular poem by Lilasuka. It is such honest, and beautiful of purest bhakti.
    And, yeah, i love Sanskrit as a subject coz i am made to learn full chapters of the BG. Now, that's a nice assignment for a change. :)
    i think Krishna spoke Sanskrit coz that was spoken at that time. But, He will speak in any language we want Him to.

  3. Wonderful, I am sure Srila Prabhupada mentioned that it's the devotion and love that matters not the language. Krishna can understand what we're trying to say even if it's not in Sanskrit.

    The poem is beautiful as well as your enthusiasm for learning!

  4. That's indeed a beautiful verse. Nice to know you're learning Sanskrit :-)

    Shri Rama Jayam!

  5. Wow, that was just perfect!
    That's definitely going to become one of my daily prayers!
    Thanks for posting it :)

  6. @Mannivannan Sadasivam : Glad you liked it. Lilasuka definitely rights wonderfully, in utmost bliss. :)

  7. @Drainpiper: i know, i's more than perfect, it's amazing!
    It sums up so much we would love to say, in just four lines.
    Lilasuka definitely is a wonderful, wonderful devotee who wrote with such thirst for Krishna.
    The verse has been going on and on in my mind now.

  8. No doubt that this a wonderful poem.
    It just thrills and thrills... :-)

  9. @Radha: Thrilling are the thoughts of dear PSP. But, this simple, total surrender makes us think of Him in a beautiful way. :)

  10. awesome poem
    on an awesome boy
    by an awesome girl!

    is this your blog? wow! i had a perfect landing on the right page :)

  11. @KRS: this is not my poem...
    if only i can write as simply and as beautifully as this, i'd already be wih my dearest Krishna, my great PSP!!

  12. பிரேமதம் ச மே, காமதம் ச மே
    வேதனம் ச மே, வைபவம் ச மே
    ஜீவனம் ச மே, ஜீவிதம் ச மே
    தேவனம் ச மே, தேவனாபரம்!

    காதலும் நீ என், காமமும் நீ என்
    ஞானமும் நீ என், போகமும் நீ என்
    வாழ்வதும் நீ என், வாழ்க்கையும் நீ என்
    நாதனும் நீ என்! நானுமே நான் உன்!

  13. @KRS: ungaludan, kothai-yin tamil-aiyum kondu vandhadharkku nandri!! :))

  14. //if only i can write as simply and as beautifully as this, i'd already be wih my dearest Krishna, my great PSP!!//

    Songs of kannan
    Are pangs of kannan
    Written or Breathed?
    Ink or Air?
    One is simple,
    But Other is temple!
    One is beautiful
    But other is romance!

    //i'd already be wih my dearest Krishna, my great PSP!!//
    you are already with him, but he's still "acting" to get u more :)

  15. //kothai-yin tamil-aiyum kondu vandhadharkku nandri!! :))//

    hoi, enna dee kOthai, en tamizh-ai koNdu vanthaalum, un tamizh nu cholluRaanga?
    ithukku irukku dee unakku! hey aaNdaaL, un pinnalai pidichi izhukkaREn, appo theriyum :)

  16. I really appreciate your love for Krishna... I read many of your poems.. They are wonderful...!! They truly show your feelings for Krishna... Beautiful work!! May Krishna bless u :) hare Krishna :)