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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Abolisher of Fear

When knowledge was swallowed by pride,
And when minds were riding the fear ride-
O Hayagreevaa! You set all those fears aside!

When the Gods feared demolition,
When they begged Your benediction- As Mohini
You abolished their fears in true fashion.

When dear Mother Earth was taken prisoner,
And was caught in the whims of an evil-doer, O Varaha!
You fought fiercely to save Her, O Supreme Protector!

When the world, of an evil demon, ran amock in fear,
But his own son, on the path of devotion, lost fear- O Narasimha!
You came, and instilled, in the minds of wrong-doers, unsurmountable fear!

By Your beautiful feet, the world You measured,
In front of You, all false-pride stuttered- O Vamana!
One sight of You, and all fears be weathered!

When people were ruthless, O Parashurama! You instilled fear,
But O Rama! You caressed Your devotees by keeping them near:
O Krishna! It is only seperation from You i fear!

When the rain of arrogance Your devotees lashed,
Govinda! By lifting a hill, their anxieties stashed:
Keshava! Seeing Your beautiful face, even Fear will run abashed!

When the mind of Partha was full of fear:
Towards reality, the chariot You masterfully did steer.
O Parthasarathy! The wasteful travails of the mind to shreds You tear!

When Draupadi was in a condition destitute:
O Janardhana! She called out to You: the Protector Absolute-
And You, once again, the triumph of fear did forcefully refute!

O Bhaktavatsala! With the Lord at their beck and call
Your devotees shall never suffer fear's downfall-
Now, these flowing tears, Krishna! by You gentle caress stall!


  1. I absolutely LOVED the way you addressed Krishna with His different names, relating your emotions to the significance of those names and different incidents! That was just wonderful! Very nice poetic technique :) It's a very nice piece, and it stirred up feelings of awe as it made me remember all the wonderful things that our Lord has done for us :)

  2. @Drainpiper: Thanks for your nice comment.
    It left me in awe of all those wonderful things. :)
    But, you do realize, you are one of my inspirations for writing this piece?
    Your Diwali post started it all for me.
    Thanks, for being such an inspiration to this poem. :)))

  3. Aww, that's so sweet of you :)

    Krishna is the source of all of this! All these poems, songs, these stories, books... everything would just be so mundane without Him! He is Life, He is the Giver of Life, and He is the Life that pervades this entire universe! Krishna is our muse and He will always continue to inspire us :)

  4. Drainpiper, that is such a beautiful comment.
    It left me smiling all over. :)
    And, when He does inspire you to write the eternal truth so beautifully (as you so nicely put it, Krishna is your muse, as He is mine :) )
    why do you ever think you doubt Him?
    The truth is you are really high on belief in Him, and when you think your belief is faltering, it is but an illusion. For, He is always residing in your heart. :)

  5. Loved the poem! In an interesting way, you've beautifully brought out the avatars of Perumal. Thanks for giving a chance to meditate on His glories.

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  6. @Manivannan Sadasivam: First of all, sorry about all these late replies. Have had a hectic week.

    i am happy you liked it. It's all by His grace.

  7. ILWK, your words were great consolation. Thanks a lot for that :)