This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

One in a Thousand

O Krishna!
There may be lakhs of ants in all,
But very few do on Your beautiful creatures crawl.
There may be crores of flowers to Mother earth born:
But oh! only a few do Your handsome looks adorn!
There may be uncountable atoms of gold worn by men:
Only a select many are made into Your jewels even then!
There may be infinite lengths of thread woven:
But to tailor Your garments, only a few get chosen.
There may be many a hundred destination in Your Creation:
Each may have its flavours and each its own temptation
But dear Parthasarathy!
Allow me to find in Your Lotus Feet shelter with sheer dedication!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morning Miracle

Dear Friends,
A recent story in "All About Krishna" that i posted.
You can read it here: A Miracle of His

Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Eyes Turned Away!

O Lord!

i am but Your meagre slave,
And, i have no respite You save:
Let me not wither in the wilderness!
Let me not be alone to despair and madness!

Your eyes steal every heart they rest upon:
Then why to rest on me they take so long?
Your powerful finger that lifted the hill:
When will they rest on mine and my mind's void fill?

Whether You hold me close to Your broad chest,
Or leave me lost like a child in a fest-
Whether You by Your smile my senses astound-
Or wring this heart by Your punishing frown:
i have none but You, my Lord!

O Lord who blessed a friend who wanted a handful of rice
To be more than Kubera richer thrice-
O Heartthrob who stole away the Gopis' garments
Will You not steal this slave from Your imposed torments?

i have no voice to fight
Coz i have believed You are always right!
If i be wrong forgive me and take me;
If this is some game, lost to You let me be!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keep me Yours!

When Your procession passes my threshold:
With awe Your majesty i behold!
And then, when me in Your beautiful smile You hold,
You have me frozen at that very threshold!

O Lion-Faced Lord! How great a gift:
That washing the streets on which You tread is a way to live!
How do i thank You for the kindness You bestow?
How do i describe the seed of longing You have sowed?

To be lost in Your glance every morning, Dear Parthasarathy,
To beget the smile at the corner of Your beautiful lips hiding;
To drink the nectar that touched Your feet:
Oh! Oh! Oh! What else is there to seek?

Oh Dear Lord! Forever keep me Your slave,
Forgive me when guilty and naive:
Dearest Lord of my Heart! i love You so-
Keep me Yours, i ask You no more!