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Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Eyes Turned Away!

O Lord!

i am but Your meagre slave,
And, i have no respite You save:
Let me not wither in the wilderness!
Let me not be alone to despair and madness!

Your eyes steal every heart they rest upon:
Then why to rest on me they take so long?
Your powerful finger that lifted the hill:
When will they rest on mine and my mind's void fill?

Whether You hold me close to Your broad chest,
Or leave me lost like a child in a fest-
Whether You by Your smile my senses astound-
Or wring this heart by Your punishing frown:
i have none but You, my Lord!

O Lord who blessed a friend who wanted a handful of rice
To be more than Kubera richer thrice-
O Heartthrob who stole away the Gopis' garments
Will You not steal this slave from Your imposed torments?

i have no voice to fight
Coz i have believed You are always right!
If i be wrong forgive me and take me;
If this is some game, lost to You let me be!

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  1. i like that last line ,if this is some game i lost yo you so let it be