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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keep me Yours!

When Your procession passes my threshold:
With awe Your majesty i behold!
And then, when me in Your beautiful smile You hold,
You have me frozen at that very threshold!

O Lion-Faced Lord! How great a gift:
That washing the streets on which You tread is a way to live!
How do i thank You for the kindness You bestow?
How do i describe the seed of longing You have sowed?

To be lost in Your glance every morning, Dear Parthasarathy,
To beget the smile at the corner of Your beautiful lips hiding;
To drink the nectar that touched Your feet:
Oh! Oh! Oh! What else is there to seek?

Oh Dear Lord! Forever keep me Your slave,
Forgive me when guilty and naive:
Dearest Lord of my Heart! i love You so-
Keep me Yours, i ask You no more!


  1. //How do i describe the seed of longing You have sowed?//

    When i read these lines, i cud really see within myself the seed of longing that 'he' has sowed!
    generally seeds grow and transform after some time! but this seed - seed of longing - grows, grows and such heights that you can never scale to where it has grown...u can only remain as a seed, contained and perspirating in himself!

  2. //Keep me Yours, i ask You no more!//

    உனக்கே என்னை விதி
    என்ற இம்மாற்றம்
    நாம் கடவா வண்ணமே நல்கு!

  3. @KRS: Tamil lines...yaar ezhudinadhu? neengalaa??