This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i am running directionless
Apparently away from my Lord, and yet careless!
This slave is unable to halt her fleeing O Lord blemishless-
Save me, i be drowned in an unfortunate sea lest!

Caught in a web of wants and desires,
Distress and despair, procrastination and lies-
There is no account now of how times flies!
There are no definitions of weakening ties!

When again will You permit this girl
To be lost in the magic of Your beautiful lotus Eyes?
When again will You hold me so close
That my heart suffers from an emotional overdose?

i may be hopeless and worthless
But without You, this existence is meaningless!
Surrendered unto Your Lotus feet, i beseech forgiveness;
Dearest Narasimha! Abandon Your fury, and save me from this distress!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


People may have different views on freedom.
For this slave, real mukti (freedom) is that i am never ever "freed" from Your service!
Real "mukti" is in unalloyed devotion and hurdle-free service!
Real "mukti" is always being caught in the web of Your love!
Here's begging You to grant that boon!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be My Guide

O Beloved Lord!
Usually, for but a glance this slave begs away,
Adorning You, Damodara in dreams so far, far away!
Today, o dearest, i am afraid i ask for more:
For if the end be defeat, it'd be rather sore!

In this battlefield called Life
Except for You, alone myself i find!
Uplift me, guide me, stir me
Make me work for victory!

Surrendered unto Your feet as always:
i beg You to cast Your merciful gaze.
You show the light at the tunnel's end
i beg You now to illuminate the path and its numerous bends!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dear Lord:
So many misgivings this heart possesses,
So many shameful attempts at staying away;
So many trajectories the unfaithful mind traverses-
But how long away from its Lord will it stay?

You are the Giver who bestows
The Lord who protects
The Ruler unto whom this slave is surrendered:
Please, oh please! Don't let my mind wander asunder!!

Who but You to anchor, the
Heart sailing in uncertain waters?
Who else is there whose support i can seek?
Save me from myself-this, of You, i beseech!!

Let there not be a time when am not lost in Your lovely eyes,
May Your smile send me into a dizzy high!
Let this slave always be Yours:
 Lost in thougths of the eternal charmer!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Dreams

Of silent evenings spent together,
Of beautiful nights in the company of my Lover;
Of days spent staring into Your Lotus Eyes,
i dream, at times with closed, and at times with open eyes!

Krishna, of Your hug's warmth and comfort,
Of the electricity, dearest Hari, that Your touch would elicit,
O Parthasarathy! Of the loving kisses You would imprint,
i dream, at times with closed, and at times with open eyes!

Of serving You sumptous food,
And fanning Your beautiful features as eat You would;
And the nectar of Your lips to partake in Your remains if i could:
Endlessly, infinitely; dream this slave would!!

i dream, Parthasarathy, of our hands intertwined,
But somewhere, in between, myself lost i find;
Dearest Lord, i dream of serving Your beautiful Lotus Feet
But, lost, i suffer miserably in between.

i have none but You
So, dearest Lover, save me anew.
Kill me if You wish with Your dazzling smile:
Own me in entirety with Your unparalleled might!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Oh dear Parthasarathy!!
My world may turn upside down,
My cheerfulness may find worry and frown,
The tide of problems may seem to drown-
All i beg are that Your beautiful feet be my crown!

Pressures multi-directional may tear my heart apart-
O Curly Haired Lover!! that You blissfully rule it is all i ask.
From You, even if my brain fleets away:
Dear Lord- mercifully rein me in and make me stay.

If ever this heart be flickery and fragile:
Always, dearest robber, may it to You reconcile.
Even if You find this slave unworthy:
O Dearest of Your devotees, shower upon me Your causeless mercy.

Like moths to fire, bees to nectar;
Let me always run to You, O Dearest guiding star!
From You, dear Lord Parthasarathy, this slave may never be seperated!
In Your kind embrace, always keep me protected!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Android Experiments

While i have been really busy with college, it has been tough to write here.
i think of coming here almost every time, but it seems a humongous effort.

But, that doesn't mean i am totally disconnected. Or so i hope.
Which is why i thought i would add to this blog a little of what i scribbled on my Android Phone using a drawing app.
And though this looks sheepishly juvenile, this is what i could manage on my little phone.
And as long as the Lord shall own me entirely, and for eternity, all that matters would be that my heart seeks His beautiful lotus feet.
The imperfections of my heart, and, in this particular case, my drawing skills, i hope and pray that He shall understand and forgive.
For after all, they belong to Him, and Him alone.

Krishna, O Krishna...
Wouldn't the moon seem like an insignificant star 
when i stare into Your face?
Wouldn't night itself run to the clouds for cover
when i bathe in the beauty of Your embrace?
Wouldn't you hasten to come, and
Relieve me of this thirst, that has my mind's occupation become?

Friday, January 13, 2012

How i miss You!

How i miss that time
When only for You i had time!
How i miss the cozy closeness
Which demolished all definitions of distance!

How i miss Your serene smile-
Where else will this heart that joy find?
Oh! How You let me pine
For, now miles away from You i am by Your design!

You stole my heart so wonderfully (O Krishna!)
Oh Lord who lifted the Govardhana hill so effortlessly-
Why then do You not rule it in entirety-and
Instead, let this slave wilt in anxiety?

O Lord of my heart! My Madhava, of You i beseech
That lessons of love You continue to teach!
Even if You find this heart ever slacking-
Please hold me tight in Your embrace binding!