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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Dreams

Of silent evenings spent together,
Of beautiful nights in the company of my Lover;
Of days spent staring into Your Lotus Eyes,
i dream, at times with closed, and at times with open eyes!

Krishna, of Your hug's warmth and comfort,
Of the electricity, dearest Hari, that Your touch would elicit,
O Parthasarathy! Of the loving kisses You would imprint,
i dream, at times with closed, and at times with open eyes!

Of serving You sumptous food,
And fanning Your beautiful features as eat You would;
And the nectar of Your lips to partake in Your remains if i could:
Endlessly, infinitely; dream this slave would!!

i dream, Parthasarathy, of our hands intertwined,
But somewhere, in between, myself lost i find;
Dearest Lord, i dream of serving Your beautiful Lotus Feet
But, lost, i suffer miserably in between.

i have none but You
So, dearest Lover, save me anew.
Kill me if You wish with Your dazzling smile:
Own me in entirety with Your unparalleled might!


  1. Ahhhh....ILWK!!!
    every line is so worth reading:-)))
    and the 2nd pic is so very sweeeeeeeet:-))
    Gud one!


    1. @LUEN:
      Yes, i loved the pic too. :)
      And, tku so much fr the comment! :)