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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainy Thoughts...

Dearest Krishna,

Today, i stood on the rims of my window,
Seeing, the greens all around rejoicing in a row-

The rain was coming down- up to below;
And, in that blue sky, Your complexion was shown!

The plants were rejoicing,
They were afterall in an exercise of nourishing;
But, they were also at the sky glancing,
 At the sight of their Lord's complexion, revelling.

And, when i asked them if that was what they really meant,
Touched my face a gentle breeze, with a beautiful scent:
At that moment, i (joyfully) wept, (i thought it was a yes)
The rain had, indeed,  my anxieties swept!

Oh dear! There was a thunder so loud,
The rain's son's name, it is a custom to say aloud;
But i thought, how Arjuna, was to You bound-
And, then , i just revelled in the sound.

If the rain was Your association-
Parthasarathy, Partha experienced it to perfection:
You actually spoke to Him, and thus thinking-
Here, i am, on my window sill stretching, raindrop-collecting.

The thunder struck again-
This time, with the chorus of torrential rain:
Till now, it had been quite melliflous a downpour
Perhaps You were riding the sky, that's why the water, in eagerness, flowed.


  1. This was so real! I could envision everything so perfectly.. it was very nicely done :)

    Rainclouds ALWAYS make me think of Krishna. To be honest, that's how I know it's going to rain. I look up at the clouds and see if they're like Krishna's complexion - that's how I know whether it's going to rain or not now! Unlike some of my friends, I am incapable of looking at the sky and telling whether it's going to rain or not, but now, thanks to Krishna, I can tell sometimes!

  2. @Drainpiper: Thanks for your comment.
    i am totally with u when u say that u know its gonna rain when u see Krishna's complexion.
    i especially love the part when there is a streak of sunlight somewhere, in the sky, because, that looks so much like His smile to me.