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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dearest Parthasarathy: The Petition

Dearest Parthasarathy,
Thanks for the darshan today.

i have one request of You.
You may take it as the ramblings of an insincere-in-service devotee, or You may be kind enough to take it as a petition:

P- Permit, to serve
E- Enable to see
T- Teach, to love, unconditionally
I- 'i' may be lost in 'You'
T- Thrive i may, as Your slave, at Your feet
I- Inspire, to surrender unto You
O- Ostentatious intentions and false-pride be my loss
N- Never, never seperated from You

Forever Yours,
In Love With You,
Your slave


  1. Thanks for the Parthasarathy album.
    Absolutely wonderful !! :-)