This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Friday, January 13, 2012

How i miss You!

How i miss that time
When only for You i had time!
How i miss the cozy closeness
Which demolished all definitions of distance!

How i miss Your serene smile-
Where else will this heart that joy find?
Oh! How You let me pine
For, now miles away from You i am by Your design!

You stole my heart so wonderfully (O Krishna!)
Oh Lord who lifted the Govardhana hill so effortlessly-
Why then do You not rule it in entirety-and
Instead, let this slave wilt in anxiety?

O Lord of my heart! My Madhava, of You i beseech
That lessons of love You continue to teach!
Even if You find this heart ever slacking-
Please hold me tight in Your embrace binding!


  1. This is beautiful! It expresses how I feel from time to time when it seems Krishna is far away.

    1. @Chaela: Welcome to the blog.
      Though Krishna does seem far away, i think He is always with us, maybe even enjoying our anxieties in silence, even as we pine for Him. :))

  2. Hey..,

    Hmm....Missing him na?? I know!

    It pains:-((

    Don't worry...HE belongs to you always..wherever u are!