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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Android Experiments

While i have been really busy with college, it has been tough to write here.
i think of coming here almost every time, but it seems a humongous effort.

But, that doesn't mean i am totally disconnected. Or so i hope.
Which is why i thought i would add to this blog a little of what i scribbled on my Android Phone using a drawing app.
And though this looks sheepishly juvenile, this is what i could manage on my little phone.
And as long as the Lord shall own me entirely, and for eternity, all that matters would be that my heart seeks His beautiful lotus feet.
The imperfections of my heart, and, in this particular case, my drawing skills, i hope and pray that He shall understand and forgive.
For after all, they belong to Him, and Him alone.

Krishna, O Krishna...
Wouldn't the moon seem like an insignificant star 
when i stare into Your face?
Wouldn't night itself run to the clouds for cover
when i bathe in the beauty of Your embrace?
Wouldn't you hasten to come, and
Relieve me of this thirst, that has my mind's occupation become?


  1. Replies
    1. @krs: lol, i know what iphone users think of android. But hey, atleast my phone has a bluetooth!! :))

  2. Good Going ILWK:-))

    I loved the sweet & cute poem as well:-) Bathing in his embrace????? haha..

    1. @LUEN: aka, thanku. :))
      it takes ur benevolence to call that "scribbling" a "drawing". :)

  3. cho chweet :) loved the poem and the experiment too :)

    1. @kavi aunty: haha...thanku!! :D
      will share some more soon! :)