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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ParthaSarathy as Venugoplala

Parthasarathy, my Parthasarathy!!!
When the mind finds itself in distress wallowing,
You, and, You alone are the force guiding:
And, when You as Venugopala play the flute enchanting-
Our souls run to seek Your music endearing.

When the suun multiplies its radiance ten times,
One millionth of Your radiance, maybe i'll find.
Even if the moon were thousand times more serene,
How would it match the charm on Your face seen?

So, don't blame me, my Lord,
As my eyes yearn for the spectacle of spectacles,
My ears yearn for the pinnacle of pinnacles;
And my mind hopes it earns the miracle of miracles!

There, You are, in my Vrindavan,
Playing the flute, enriching my Man-Van;
But alas! here i am stranded
As though an alien abandoned!

Fie not the mind that runs to You,
Vie not my misfortune that i cannot see You,
Buy not i will words that confer patience-
Sigh not i will  tilll tor each You, i finish my work with diligence!


  1. Sorry for not giving any comments for a long time. I have been reading and enjoying, though a bit busy to comment.

    Would like to know what 'Man-Van' is. Didn't understand...

  2. Lovely enchanting as Krishna Himself!

    And sorry for not visiting ur blog. I was not active in the blog world for the past days.

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  3. @prahladadasa: Welcome back! :)
    Man=mind, van=garden/forest
    It's like He adorns my mind, and so it's like a garden perfectly adorned.

  4. @Manivannan Sadasivam: Thanks for enjoying. And, please don't embarass me with an apology of that sort. :)
    You came, and so did my Manivannan to whom the poem is dedicated. :)

  5. :-)

    You've made my day! You know, only after knowing that Manivannan is a name of Krishna, I started liking it :-) And thanks, for making me feel blessed!

    Shree Rama Jayam :-)

  6. @Manivannan Sadasivam: :))
    btw, just noticed, you had said the poem is as beautiful as Krishna Himself. (that point slipped me earlier on)
    No no...
    He is far, far more beautiful, beyond the clasps or boundaries of our imaginations. :)

  7. So beautiful, much appreciation from an "abandoned alien". Haribol!

  8. @bbhakti: No, i don't think we are ever abandoned by Him. (P.S to Krishna: Sorry!)
    But, i did use it figuratively when i felt He was not listening.
    We are not aliens, i don't think we can stand that.
    We are forever slaves at His feet!

  9. "When the sun ...How would it match the charm on Your face seen?"
    Beautiful stanza.....that handsome Lord must have smiled after having read that :)

  10. @tanvee28: Welcome to the blog!
    Thanks for the comment, and yes, He is smiling oe big smile now, thinking of you and me calling Him handsome :)

  11. Ah dear ILWK, I guess abandoned is not the right word. To me it's more lost soul - we somehow made the silly choice to come to this world and it feels very alien to me.

    Despite we make such ill-advised judgements He still looks after us and mercifully guides us. Thanks for your recent comments :)