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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oscar Wilde's Non-Selfish Giant

i just wrote my English board exam.
i shouldnt be here as i have a rather imporant and daunting subject called Physics lined up next for me.
But, today....
i wrote an essay about my dear Krishna.
i wrote an essay about Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant", but if you read it here, you will know what i meant.

And since my mind keeps wandering back to the wonderful experience that Wilde must have had when he wrote this, the spell-binding effect it had on me when i was paraphrasing his ideas...

What my version of Wilde's giant would have told the little boy Krishna...

You look like any other boy-
Yet, You have played with my heart like a toy!
You look like any other little boy-
But, i guess this whole thing was Your ploy!

You stand so majestic, teasing my senses,
Your eyes in a smile so exquisite, perplexing my tenses,
Your hands on Your hips, You pretend You are a kid small-
But, oh! Now, i see we are Your kids all!

The hands with which You drive us puppets,
Oh! You flung them about me in a loving caress!
That day, You planted a kiss upon my undeserving cheek-
And, ever since, nothing else could i seek!

O my dear little boy! 
How i have longed to play with You!
Playing, dancing, cheering- o! with these ideas i have toyed!
O! Did i know i was Your toy?

These flowers sprung up when they touched Your feet-
Seeing You, my heart was awoken from its evil sleep-
Today, this heart that loves You has in front of You kneeled
Begging Your mercy, Hoping You won't again fleet!


  1. Your English is sooo good! The story brought tears to my eyes, as did the poem.

    Best wishes for the Physics exam.

  2. @k aunty: Thanks :)
    Do pray for me.
    btw, it looks like a fairytale, but Wilde leaves a strong message, right?
    Serving His people, not to show credit that "yes, i did good deeds", but to really involve one's heart and senses in serving His people. :)

  3. Hey Thangachi,

    Hope u r doing well with exams:-))

    hmm looks like the naughty one is troubling u without letting u study ..well he'll write ur exams though from within u:-))

    ur entire version of Wilde Giant communicating to krishna was lovely the last few lines just touched my heart soooooo much:-))

    All the best hon for the rest of ur exams!

  4. Hi In Love With Krishna,

    It's been long since I visited your blog. Actually, I came here 2 share this link-

    As today is my brother's birthday, I've dedicated a video to him. Also, I thought you might like that blog :-). So, if ur exams are over and if u have time, plz do grace the blog by your visit :-)

    I hope you will :-)

    Will, soon, b back to read ur poems!

    Shree Rama Jayam :-)