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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lost in this eerie wilderness,
Caught in the worst of mind's duress;
Oh! i am lost in this horrid place my lover-less,
Why don't you come to relieve my stress?

Why will You not talk?
(O My Honey-lipped Lord!)
Why have You turned Your face away
O Dearest! Don't my tears Your heart sway?

Do You think i can manage alone?
Do You think i'll believe You are stone?
Or, are You exasperated by my monotone-
And left me for my sins to atone?

Oh! Even if i must atone, (O Lion-Faced Lord)
How will i possibly survive alone?
i love You, i am surrendered unto You
Never, ever bid me adieu!

If i have been frivolous, forgive me,
If mistakes are mine, have mercy on me;
This heart cannot beat in Your absence-
O! O! Never may i be anywhere but Your presence.

You took away our symbol of love,
And, left me completely bereft now;
All my mind churns out is tears
Calling desperately, that dear PSP! You be near!


  1. As they say, separation makes us realize the closeness....May b, this too, will bring Him closer to you , than ever!

    Only the parched throat can taste water....and so is u desperation, I guess :-)

    Anyways, lovely poem, as always!

    And, thanks for accepting ma simple request, and for ur kind visit

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  2. Hey Thangachi..,

    What a poem man!!! Viraha bakthi is very pure & intense....:-)

    Feeling separated from him & missing him way too much is sooooooooooooo painful...I can understand that....

    Loving him is so wonderful ....its like loving LOVE lovingly in our own lovely way which he lovingly accepts out of his abundant LOVE....ok..let me stop here hehehehe perhaps getting crazier as days r nearing to meet him....:-)))

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    Radhe Krishna!