This blog is dedicated to my dearest Krishna...mostly poetry, sometimes through the words of a Gopi, and sometimes, just my own musings...

Monday, April 4, 2011

His Flowers

Yesterday, the sun shone scarlet in the sky,
So beautiful just on the threshold of the coming night;
The sun had lit up the sky in a devotional gesture:
As my Lord ParthaSarathy glided in grandeur!

His eyes shone like two little suns
Their rays breaking where those scars run;
His smile drenched His face with serenity:
Driving me into new levels of insanity.

As He smiled His killer smile,
He tore all my petty inhibitions asunder;
And left me gazing in wonder-
That sweet-smiling trickster, the One to whom i am surrendered!

And as in my hair flowers i donned,
The ones that His feet had adorned:
O! O! O! My heart went into a flutter-
Beating hard and fast for that Sweet Charmer!


  1. Their rays breaking where those scars run;

    wow... very nice, first time for me in your blog too..
    just yesterday I was reading the pasuram by tirumangai mannan on thiru parthasarathy perumaal..
    yes, he is a charmer,
    and charms everyone alike..

  2. @adithyasaravana: Welcome to the blog...sorry for the late reply...yes, He is the charmer...