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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dancing to ParthaSarathy's Tunes

My mind dances to His tunes-
That dark-complexioned boy who enamours with His divine tunes;
My mind dances to His tunes-
The Lord of Triplicane, the Lors of my Heart!

My eyes danced in excitement-
When they sighted His beautiful face resplendent!
My mind danced in childish fervour-
When it at His feet found shelter!

My heart now sings a song of grief,
For He has of it's dreams taken leave!
And now, when He is said to look so wonderful,
This heartaway, and in confusion palpable!

i dance to the tunes of my Lord,
Whose hands of my mind's ratha holds the cord:
O Lord in Control! Steer this rusty chariot to victory:
And in victory also, may it find Thee!

With all earthly forces undone,
i am prostrated at the Feet of my Lord who has me stunned;
This poor slave, do not shun:
i am in a race: along with me run!

The nectar of Your sight, today i missed!
But i am caught in deep waters betwixt-
Save me dear Lord! from falling into an abyss-
At Your service, and in Your love, may i forever find bliss!


  1. கிரீடம் முதல் பாதம் வரை பல வண்ணங்களில் பளிச்சிடும் கற்கள் பதித்த நீல நிற ஆடைகளில் அற்புத ராஜ அலங்காரம். சாமந்தி மாலை, ரோஜா மாலை, கதம்ப மாலை, விருட்சி மாலை எல்லாமும் சேர்ந்து காணக் கண் கோடி வேண்டும்.
    கவலை வேண்டாம். அடுத்த ரத சப்தமியில் மீண்டும் தரிசிக்கலாம். :-)

  2. Dancing to his tunes is the best dance anyone could ever do :) Since you got that..., you are in a very good shape, I must say :)

    good luck for your exams, sweety.

  3. Veryyyyyyyy sweet....
    He'll surely bless U:-)))))

  4. @Radha: Thanks a tonne!
    You made my day (that day)!!

  5. @K Aunty: Thanks, i hope i do well by PSP's grace... :)

  6. All the best for your exams ! :-)
    Don't worry. PSP is with you and always ! :-)