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Monday, September 27, 2010

i asked Krishna...

i asked for a glimpse:
You gave a treat for the eyes that missed!

i asked that i may to You belong:
You held me close, all along!

i asked You that i may be able to serve-
Even then, You took care o overwhelm my nerves!

i asked You to live with You, forever:
You are giving a house so close to You, dear Lover.

i asked for forgiveness:
You gave me togetherness!

i asked You for so many things:
You granted all i needed, smiling.

Yesterday, i asked:
How come You aren't in my dreams-
As a reply, i saw, in that realm, the perceptor:
You are asking me to work harder, it seems!


  1. i asked You to live with You, forever:
    You are giving a house so close to You, dear Lover.::))

    in krishna heart
    that is the house

  2. Perhaps :)

    Actually, i live quite far away from the temple.
    So, daily paarka mudiyaliye-nnu vartham!!!

    But, soon, we are moving, by His grace, to an "agrahrathu veedu" type of house.

    For me, His temple is the real place, my house will be just like an outhouse from the temple.
    That is why i am so happy.

  3. Beautiful poem & beautiful picture too. Loved both :-)

    And am glad to know Krishna has blessed one of ur earnest wishes.

    You have a great blog here. Liked many of your poems. Your devotion is really inspiring!

    Thanks a lot for ur kind visit to my blog.

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  4. @manivannan: Thanku so much for dropping by.

    And, thanks for your generous comments.

    May Perumal and Thaayar shower their blessings on all!

  5. hi,,great to watch your bloge dear...i am also fall in love with krishna...with his grace i just try to made a site for all devotees hope you will