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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Curtain

When i have not even requested Your help,
You are still there, with me-every step;
Yet, when the heart yearns for Your presence:
Why do You punish me thus with Your absence?

When i call out, in times of need, to Thee:
That very moment You are with me!
But, oh! Just one glimpse of You would do:
But, to come to You, i am bound by nature's curfew!!

i cannot come see Your beautiful face,
Nor do i get to stare unabashedly at Your radiant smile;
You have me here tied up by nature's lace,
And, damn me, even You have not come here, flashing Your charming smile.

O Lord! Am at your discretion:
So, You alone are responsible this no-win situation;
Why seperate me from You, my Lord?
Why play games when i need You, dear Lord?

My head is spinning,
And my heart is o'erflowing-
Love it is, mingled with deep sorrow:
Would You not grant this dark night the dawn of 'morrow?

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