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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When You from the Gopis stole butter:
They chastised You, little stealer:
But deep down, You made their hearts flutter:
Do let me touch those hands, dear Lover.

When You kicked the life out of a lifeless cart,
And the wretched demon a lesson taught:
Your beautiful feet turned red- did they not:
O! To serve them a boon may i have begot!

When You dived into poisonous water, deep by miles,
Your people- oh! Their senses were deriled:
And then, You came out dancing, and with a beautiful smile:
Will You not bestow upon me that smile, for just a little while?

When You put Your lips to a bamboo rod:
And produced many a melodious chord;
The whole world was listening to You, all their worries lost:
Let me but once hear that divine music: deny me not!

(a few days later, i continue this post i left that day...i do not get back the same state of mind to continue the poem, so i will fill in my thoughts today)

When You grant but one glance,
You leave everyone in a stance;
To serve You, give me infinitely many a chance-
And oh! let me get a chance to praise Your every nuance.

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