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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Gopi Appeases Krishna's Anger...

Dearest Krishna:
The demon lies dead,
All evil has now fled;
Your might struck him down-
Oh! Please do not save that frown!

All the light of the world in Your eyes-
Why do You crown it with a sigh?
All the worlds began from Your smile-
Why then with Your anger, our minds derail?

You rescued us when it (really) mattered,
But now, the mind, by despair, is scattered-
Then, in trouble, i called for Your intervention,
Now, am pained by Your expression!

You always protected Your devotees:
Today's demon, (for You) was but a breeze!
Come now, let bygones be-
The silver lining reaching Your eyes-kindly let us see!

These are the feet that tread on the dust-
Let me wash them first!
These legs that kicked that monster-
Unto them, my humble service i render!

One glance of Yours does everything bestow-
But oh! You have forced Your eyes close!
Accept this request, from a slave of Yours-
Grant me one glance, and my life restore!

O Sweetheart! There comes Your mother,
Her mind worried, the locks asunder!
O Dear Lord! Your father comes yonder,
The people running, with all the speed they can muster!

By Your grace, we are safe-
Now do grant our minds solace!
Lord! Surrendered unto Your lotus feet-
For Your one caress, this heart beats!

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