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Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi Everyone!
This is a break from my usual post format, but i felt i had to share this with the people who happen to read my blog.
This is a playlist of Thirupaavai by Shri Aandal with English meanings included.
If you can't click the link, pls copy-paste it:

It is indeed a treat for anyone devoted to the Lord.
For the unacquainted, these 30 songs were sung by Aandal, when she kept the fast that the Gopis did to attain Krishna. In the end, she did too, as the Lord married her in her dreams, and the great periyazhwar, her father, dressed her up in bridal finery and took her to Shri Ranganathar, where she finally united with her Lord.

The songs embody true love and devotion, and it is even more a treat if you understand Tamil, because the pun and word-play in each of the songs is exotically wonderful!
'Kothai' was called Aandal, or the 'One Who Ruled Over the Lord Himself'.
She is the incarnation of Shri Bhumadevi. In the process of calling to Krishna for herself, she also engaged her friends, and actually, the whole world, and urged them to surrender unto His beautiful feet.

Aandal Thiruvadigale Sharanam!!


  1. Respected In Love With Krishna,

    Humble prostrations. I was delighted and refreshed to read your new post. Andal Nachiar's devotion is mesmerizing.

    "Vedham Anaittukkum Vittagum Godhai Thamizh ai-aindhum aindhum" or in English: "The twenty five and five verses of Andal contain the seed of all Vedic teachings".

    Let us also take this opportunity to thank Sri Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Swamy who brought out this nice e-book on Thiruppavai:

    More books of Sri Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Swamy are at,, and

    Godha Stuti of Swamy Desikan is a composition in glorifying Andal in Sanskrit.

    Ever at the service of your lotus feet,


  2. Dear Prahladadasa,
    Thanks for the links. I haven't checked them out, but i'll tell u about it when i do so.
    I'll try to post any links/videos when i find them.
    "Andal Nachiar's devotion is mesmerizing"
    Indeed, it is!
    The only One with Lotus feet is Perumal.
    He is Everything, and He alone deserves your prostrations!
    If anyone else does, then maybe it is a Guru like Ramanujar, or someone elder to You.

    i am but His devotee, His slave, enslaved by His wonderful Self, and would never fit those definitions.
    Thanks for your encouraging comments, but please do not make a big deal of this ordinary young girl.
    May Perumal and Thaayar forever bless their devotees, and take care of us.
    My sincere prayers to Perumal and Thaayar for your well-being.

    In Love With Krishna

  3. Dear In Love With Krishna,

    I can never dream of producing anything remotely similar to these beautiful posts that you are doing. Hence, when it comes to Bhakti-related matters, you are at the level of MPhil/PhD whereas I am in LKG.

    In Bhakti-related matters, we bow down to everyone irrespective of age. Age is a property of the temporal body, whereas Jivatmas have no age.

  4. I love KRISHNA
    ,he is the cure for everything.He is the
    loveliest,sweetest and the most handsome.He does everything for good and he has so many reasons for that which we don't know.He is the most perfect than anyone.If we are dear to him , he will be dearer to us.

  5. Dear Aishwarya,
    Your comment is wonderful!
    Every word of what you said is right, and it rings a bell because your child-like innocent words are full of truth.

    Krishna is dear to all of us. Let us make it our point to give Him the highest importance in our life.
    Simple things like praying to Him everyday, saying a few slokas, can tell Him how much we love Him.
    Say, for example, a kid plays with her barbie dolls.
    She lives with the doll, makes food for it, combs its hair, imagines the doll's life, gives her a bed, a house, and makes the doll a big part of her life.
    The doll is a non-living thing that all young girls fantasize about.
    But, if the girls could show even a part of that to Krishna, He will love it, and will become that girl's doll. And what's more, He is not just a thing like a doll, but He is the Creator and Controller of this whole Universe.He will make that girl His doll, or in other words, bring her so close to Him. After that, he'll take care of everything. Good or bad, as you say, it's all in His hands. After that, one has no other worries.

    Let Him bless us with the ability to do just that- to get close to Him.
    My sincere prayers that Perumal and Thaayar bless you with all the very best in life.

    In Love With Krishna

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  7. Thankyou, I read your comments.
    I just want to say one thing that I LOVE KRISHNA VERY MUCH.


  8. God plays with words
    I play with barbie dolls and the word barbie came in your writing , you can write in any other way ,you wrote like kids play with barbie dolls .... I play with barbie dolls , a house a bed ...... I have a feeling that god himself made you write

  9. And finally I want to ask you that you are a male or a female please reply

  10. Dear Prahladadasa,
    Let Perumal bless me with those distinctions that you think i possess!
    Infact, i'm hoping i'll get the doctorate, and go beyond, and get to taste real knowledge. :)
    And about you, there is no doubt that you must indeed be very close to Him.

    With Sincere Prayers,
    In Love With Krishna

  11. Dear Aishwarya,
    i am a girl hoping to earn the love of Krishna.
    And, i am so glad He used me as an instrument to speak to You.
    And oh! I LOVE KRISHNA VERY MUCH!! :) :) :)
    It feels so nice to hear from you what i have a habit of saying so many times.

    In Love With Krishna