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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Lord,

You are the Origin, You are Everything!
You are the Creator, and You maintain Everything!
In all Your ruling over all these infinite years, how many letters of this kind have You seen, My Lord?
And what do i say that You have not heard, or that has not been said?

And yet, the mind tags along to You.
You are the Refuge, and my only one.

So here goes: i love You.
i am totally surrendered unto You, dearest Krishna.

You enchant with your sweet smile, like the silver lining in the midst of the clouds.
You mesmerize with those beautiful eyes, the abode of all the light and darkness in the world.
Your serenity invites, then Your greatness inspires, then Your demeanour takes one away.

Dear Lord, heed the request of one surrendered unto You.
O Krishna, the one who pleased the Gopis! You rule this whole world, and this small world of mine, too.
You are the Monarch enthroned within the Mind!
Come , O Krishna, and do so quickly!!
Keep me forever in the blissful shadow of Your feet!
My sweet Lord! i am totally in love with You!

O Monarch of my Mind! You sweep this poor girl away into the land of dreams-and oh! What wouldn't i do to let me be caught there!

With loads of love,

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