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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Narasimha,

Your eyes burn the sinners to flames:
A bond of love is ignited Your devotees heart by the same!

Your ferocious fingers digged into Hiranyakashipu's insides:
Yet, they, with love and compassion, Your devotees invite!

 You kill the enemy with Your anger!
But, for your devotees, unleash a smiling dagger!

In those who rule by fear, you ignite fear:
And yet, those who surrender at Your feet lose all fear!

You behold a face so ferocious:
But for the devotee: features so gorgeous!

You tore down a pillar to inspire in the feared fear:
And to the same handsome torso, hold a devotee near!

O Lord Who protected Prahlad's tongue:
To sing your praises too meak is this slave's tongue!
Yet, no other pleasure this girl has,
Than to sing the praises of the Lord with His hands on His lap!

Your fingers killed an evil demon so terrible
For a son whom You invited with the same fingers so lovable!
Will you please let me decorate (with mehendi) those nails so long?
Will You not bestow upon me that pleasure for which i long?

Your Holy Feet with long, curved nails at the helm:
Protect the person who takes refuge at them.
Will you please let me decorate (with mehendi)  those nails so long?
Will You please bestow upon me that pleasure for which i long?

-Dedicated to Azhagiya Singar of Thiruvallikeni


  1. Beautiful poem of longing....Excellent!
    May Shree Rama fulfill your earnest desire :-)

    Shree Rama Jayam!

  2. @Mani: Thanks for the comment :)
    As far as i can remember, my first ever poem on Narasimha! (Discounting one i wrote on Dasavathara, though)

  3. nice poem...may lord narasimha bless us with prahalada kind of devotion...