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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Govinda!

Dear Lord,
Today, i find myself incapable of poetry even.
So, here's wishing You a very Happy Birthday!
Many many happy returns of the day!!

Virtually away from your party, i submit these virtual wishes at Your feet, in the hope that You will accept them!


  1. Hi Sweety,

    Happy bday to Govindha..:-))
    Hey what is special abt how it is his bday?
    I know that the brahmotsavam completes today for him.....

  2. Aka!
    It's Thiruvonam Nakshatra today.
    That's His official bday :)

  3. Oh ok..:-)Thanks!!

    Why no blogs these days? we miss ur blogs:-((

  4. @aka: i miss them too :)
    Rather, i miss Him. :(
    Soon, He'll bless me with a chance to write :)
    Soon, He will inspire me and make me cry with love.
    Soon, my words will find some use in describing Him :)