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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Rainbow

It's been so long since i wrote for You, my Lord.
It's been so long since i did anything significant for You.
Needless to say, i find myself in a very insignificant place

Today, on my usual, everyday bus route, i found myself staring out of the window.
The weather outside reflected the state of my mind.
Even as torrents of rain poured outside, traitor tears lined my eyes.
i could not help it, i was thinking about how much i missed You!
Add to this the beautiful clouds aping Your colour, and i felt more miserable with myself than ever.

At that time, the girl sitting next to me tapped my hand. She woke me out of my reverie, and pointed out the window.
Sure enough, a beautiful bow now adorned the sky.
Soon, everyone was turning their heads in the direction of nature's ornament.

For those few moments, every single person-from the oldest professor to the haughtiest girl-became a child.
And just as a child jumps in joy, our eyes rejoiced the simple beauty of nature.

How Mother Earth could turn us into kids in Her lap once again, by exhibiting the littlest of Her wonders!

And, at that time, i realised that YOU are the RAINBOW of my life!
To see Your handsome face, i will even shed torrents of tears, if that is what you demand.

To listen in rapt attention even as Your beautiful red lips framed pearls of poetry, i wouldn't mind many thunderstorms.

To stroke Your toes with my finger-tips, to revel in Your presence, to see my insides knotting themselves, to but be in Your presence-Oh! what wouldn't i give!

To see Your beautiful eyes dancing about like the lightning among the clouds-my poor eyes will suffer the insufferable drought with anticipation of that moment.

O my Dear Lover, YOU ARE MY RAINBOW!
My mind secretly yearns for You even when i do not acknowledge it.
And, when it catches but one glance of You, my eyes dance about wildly, and my heart prances, reaches a crazy stupor and surrenders itself unto You.


  1. Hai..,

    Wow......very very beautiful:-)))))))

    Actually missing him these days a LOTTTTTTTTTT....was feeling very very dull & lifeless....just wanted to spk to some devotee .....just wanted to hear something about him.....I just called up one of my gud devotee frnd & we spk abt him....but still i wasn't ok but it cheered me up little as we said "Hare Krishna" to each other couple of times...
    then finally logged in here to read something abt HIM(actually din't even expect a blog today...bcas off-late, I log-in and find nil new blogs:-(( wud log-out feeling heavy in my heart.....the worst part is that I can't even write about him these days.....miss him:-(((( v v much!!!! anyway just wanted to say how glad I am to see this blog of urs:-)))) Happy ekadesi!

    all of a sudden just thinking about the gopikas......soooooo lucky they were.....everytime HE was right there with them:-))))
    Wud take several births and cry for him continuously if that is what it takes to be in his can do anything for him....HE is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..., precious...:-) so precious that if we loose him, we have no gains ever.....He is our ONLY happiness....ONLY pleasure...ONLY satisfaction....ONLY LORD!!! Miss u hari!!!! If at all, vaikuntam had some internet facility.....I know its stupid...he is everywhere and knows everything but its just that HIS silence makes me soooo stupid & crazy & what not???? HE NJOYS even mad at him at times but love him even then......its painful...:-(((

    LOVE IS SOOOOOO PAINFUL........Its old news....but still holds true:-((((

  2. @aka: ur thoughts so mirror mine these days.
    The reason i dint post any new blog, i confess, is because i was so lost, i had nothing to say here! but then, i figured we'd rather write for Him than not.
    Anyways, love is painful. But if it did not make me cry, then having a heart, and having these pair of eyes would be a waste. Maybe tears too are a way of serving Him with our eyes!
    And since we are nothing but instruments in His hands, He will swing us back towards Him very soon!