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Monday, November 7, 2011

Disjointed Chords

When i cannot see my Lord's beautiful face,
Where do i for my empty heart find solace?
When away from the one who my insignificant heart also stole:
My heart that greives for my lover: how will i console?

I try singing a song:
But all i end up with are disjointed chords!
I try (in prayer) to fold my hands-
But find my tears wetting the sands!

Where are those blissful dreams?
Where are those moments with my Lord love-sealed?
i beg of You (O Madhava!) to take me back
For, at this moment, my life does all meaning lack!

Love, they say, appreciates closeness in miles-
But, in reverse, my woes do pile!
So close, yet so far apart drawn-
Here, alone, feeling like a lost fawn!

When my mind in circles like this does run-
Where are You, My dear Thief, hidden-having fun?
Come, let me drink the nectar of Your presence once again-
Please do not let my pleas go in vain!


  1. the words- the poem overall, signify my circumstances at the present...i feel the separation and I complain to him about it.

    Life does feel meaningless (For, at this moment, my life does all meaning lack!)...but then he has His ways to pacify all. Me too :)

    Thanks ILWK...lovely poem, once again :)

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  3. tanvee: Yes, it is quite painful.
    But we live in hope and desire that He will keep us very close, and be kind enough to forgive our faults and take us back. :)