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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not Able to See You!

Those whom from my heart i love:
They have climbed a hill to see my Love;
Standing majestic on the hill- o the One i love:
When will You upon me Your kind grace bestow?

My eyes are indeed unlucky:
For to see Your beautiful form, today unworthy!
My hands are indeed unfortunate:
For today, they couldn't, in front of You supplicate!
My feet are in a state quite pitiable:
Not having been able to walk to the Lord so adorable!
My heart wallows in a sea of sorrow:
For it couldn't embrace the Vanquisher of Sorrow!

You stand on a rock, and of the whole Universe take stock,
And unto You multitudes of Your devotees flock!
i type here- alone, and for company my memories:
Of how each time, You won over this insignifant heart!

O What wouldn't i give for Your one smile
To cast its spell on me and my senses deride?
O What wouldn't i give to see Your lotus-like Eyes
That, in a maddening way, the world entice?

O What wouldn't i give to feel secure
Embraced by Your love so genuine!
But i have already given myself to the service of Your feet:
Alas! Even those beautiful Feet i cannot see!

O Monarch of my Mind:
Of Your beautiful Eyes, grant me but one glance;
Of Your sweet lips, i beg of but a loving smile;
Of Your kindness, dearest Lover, i beg of but one meeting:
You are my All, and for You this heart goes on beating!

(This post is dedicated specially to my dear Lord Srinivasa, Tirupati)


  1. Superb!!!
    @In Love With Krishna: Are you good in poem writing?
    You wrote it so well!

  2. God is great! He listens to each and every word of mine.
    And, He knows each and every second of mine, everything.
    If you ask Him anything in a proper manner, in a peaceful manner, and in a polite manner, you will get that wish granted.
    And, I LOVE KRISHNA!!!