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Sunday, August 8, 2010

How can You be soooooooo nice??

i find myself lacking in verse.
But i have to write, so please lend me Your ears, or rather, as this is a blog, Your beautiful, lotus-like Eyes!

What do i write, my Lord?
You have me totally dumbfounded by Your mercy!
Where Your one glance steers away the talk of sin, Your one touch bestowed upon this poor girl all the wonders in the world!
Where merely thinking about You fills the heart with sweetness profound, Your one wonderful act of mercy leaves it maddeningly happy!!

Indeed, the first day i got to stand close to You, i said : Kill me, now, my dear Krishna, for my life can't get better than this!
Maybe You laughed!
Now, each and every time i see You, i lose myself to You, in a different way.
Indeed, how better can life get?
But yes, it will...for the next time i see You, You will leave me astounded again!
For such is Your nature, my dearest Lover!
You are so wonderfully blemishless, no one can ever disapprove of You!
How lucky i am, that i fell in love with You, as even my mother can't find a fault in You ! :)
But, i am always lucky, for You are with me.
i will be unlucky in Your absence, and i don't see that happening, by Your kind grace.
Ofcourse there are times when i get luckier, and luckier, and luckier, but as long as i am with the Master of the Universe, and as long as unto the Goddess of Fortune, am surrendered, i will be forever lucky, as i'll have Your wonderful association.

Coming back to disapproving, it hurts me so much when someone says something wrong about You.
(Ofcourse, i do make fun of You, but that is a totally different issue.)
It hurts me so bad when i find myself incapable of telling them how wrong they are, for all my debating prowess, Your gift which won me so many prizes, is a mere waste then.
It's not like i don't trust You, or that i doubt You. Never!!!!
But, the strong reasons i found to trust You, i cannot list out to them.
The wonderful way in which You so kindly bless those who come even an inch towards You, i cannot explain.
i find myself weak, incapable, and woefully ashamed, and at the same time, deeply disgruntled.
i have neither knowledge nor conviction to prove the points that i have found to be sooo true!!
Ain't i a bad devotee of Yours, in that respect?
Will You be kind and merciful on me, like You always have been, and bless me with whatsoever be it that i need?

Forever Yours,


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