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Sunday, April 19, 2015

What the Heart Wants.

Oh lord!
Caught in utter duress this heart of mine
Just yearned for one sight of Yours divine:
And when You bestowed on this slave your grace benign;
What more do I need, o lord of mine?

However my sorrow may be profound,
In You it has solace found!
How indebted I am for Your presence!
How grateful to perceive Your eyes so intense!

O Protector of Your devotees!
O KrishnaWhen Your lips smile with such serenity:
What better medicine is there in all eternity!
 When Your loving glance thus bores into my heart:
O parthasarathy: all my fears with haste depart!


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  2. how do you love krishna so much? please tell krishna about me i want to love krishna and radha rani only love him so much that i cant express. you are close to him please tell him about me this poor soul who wrote this comment plese tell him to bless me with his love. please please it would be great favour please.

  3. i want to express my love for krishna - oh krishna your smile breaks my patience to meet you . My sweet krishna when you look at me my poor heart is puzzled and it breaks out its love with a laugh. when you come close to me i feel that you are mine . oh my lord when will you show that moon like face to me. you have taken everything from me but please take me too make me yours forever like you do to all your devotees dont abandon me. i am the most fallen you have ever met please dont forget to uplift me.

  4. Nice serene and sincere piece of poetry . I loved it . It would be better if you write your name in the end of your poems :D. Keep writing for Krishna.